You Can Dress As A Literal Macaron For Halloween This Year; Party City

Finding a unique Halloween costume in the age of Pinterest and Instagram can be a big struggle. Everyone is turning to the internet for inspiration for their costume ideas — and so it sometimes seems like everyone is looking at the exact same images, then putting together the exact same costumes. It can be hard to find something that stands out! Here's the good news, though: you definitely don't need to make your own DIY costume in order for it to look awesome — and you also don't need to look too far for inspiration. Your kitchen, for instance! There are lots of simple, unique food Halloween costumes out there that will definitely impress everyone around you.

You can definitely choose to make your own DIY food costumes if you want to give them an extra personal touch, but there are also lots of already made food costumes out there that will get the job done, and take up a whole lot less of your time. Plus, they may even end up costing the same when all is said and done. If you're not looking to go crazy this Halloween but you still want to wear something that's different, check out the below unique food costume ideas. Oh, and be sure to actually eat these foods while wearing the costume. That's half the fun!


Avocado and Toast Costume

If you're looking for the perfect couples costume, you can't go wrong with avocado and toast. It's the best combination! You can do this with your significant other or your best friend, and either way, it definitely works. It's a cute photo op and will make everyone smile.


Tony The Tigeer

You can actually dress like food, of course, or you can dress like the mascot of one of your favorite food brands. Frosted Flakes has one of the best mascots out there: Tony the Tiger. Why not dress up as him? The costume is cozy, comfy, and super simple. Don't forget to carry around a box of Frosted Flakes all night so everyone knows exactly who you are.



Yes, this dress is literally just little macarons with some frilly tulle on top, but it's also oddly adorable? What makes this costume really cute, though, is the beret. Because macarons are French! It's kind of genius.


Wine and Cheese

Here's a couples costume that absolutely everyone will be able to get behind: wine and cheese! Forget avocado and toast, this one is literally the perfect pairing. It also gives you a really excellent excuse to carry around a glass of wine and a hunk of cheese all night long. As if you needed one.


Ice Cream Cone

There are a lot of versions of ice cream cone costumes out there, but this one looks like it has to be the most comfortable. With cute cone inspired pants and the "ice cream" top, it's pretty obvious what you are — and the jumpsuit feel makes it stand out more than a dress.



Want to keep it simple? These Oreo costumes are so easy, and they can be worn with jeans and a regular top, which is nice. Dress up as an Oreo with your significant other or best friend, and spend the night hugging each other to make a full Oreo cookie.


Green M&M

Is it just me, or is the green M&M the best M&M? She's so fun! Channel her spirit with this green M&M tank dress. It's an easy costume that really doesn't require much work.



There's something very hilarious about this giant blueberry costume. Seriously, who really thinks, "I really want to be a big blueberry this year!" But that's the awesome thing about this. It's something that no one would really think of, so that makes it more unique. And it's also just very adorable.


Blow Pop

Blow Pops are easily the best lollipops on the market, so why not dress up as one of them for Halloween? This little dress and hat is very cute.


Bun In The Oven

If you're pregnant this Halloween, why not have some fun with it in a cute Halloween costume? This one is adorable and plays on the pregnancy pun "bun in the oven." It's literally an oven. It doesn't get much more unique than that!


Master Chef and Maine Lobster

Speaking of babies, if you have a baby and want to do a matching costume idea, this one is too cute to pass up. The baby can be a little lobster, and you can be the chef. You get to wear your baby, making your life easier, and you'll get tons of compliments. It's a win-win.


French Fries

Sometimes you don't need a reason for a costume beyond dressing up as something you like. And who doesn't love French fries? This little dress is weirdly adorable and really fun. The hat makes the whole costume!


A Salad

Is $90 a lot to spend on a Halloween costume? Yes, but look at this salad dress! It's like a little work of vegetable art! This is definitely one of the best salad costumes out there that you can buy, and you can almost guarantee no one at the party will be wearing the same costume.


Popcorn Bucket

Dress up as everyone's favorite snack: a bucket of buttery popcorn. The ticket hat is the perfect touch on top. Be sure to carry around popcorn for snacking all night long.


Hostess Cupcake

Is this not the cutest cupcake costume you've ever seen? The frilly skirt and the hat make it so much fun, and the white squiggle on the front makes it obvious to everyone that you're a Hostess chocolate cupcake — even if it can't be branded that name.



This is another food costume that is so random you would likely never think of it on your own. After all, who thinks, "I want to dress up like a lemon this year?" Not many people. This one is adorable and such a fun way to stand out at your Halloween costume party.