16 Funny Instagram Captions To Post On Father’s Day

by Kiersten Hickman

When it comes to posting on a special holiday or birthday, what type of post do you normally lean towards? A sappy post with all of the feels? Or, what about something a little more sarcastic? I enjoy sarcasm to no end — which is why, this Father’s Day, I’ll probably try to think of a snarky and funny Instagram caption about my dad on this Father’s Day 2017.

Father’s Day 2017 is on June 18, which means you have to start planning out what you’re going to post, like, right now. You gotta get the perfect action shot of Dad that will match the sarcastic comment that you are about to share with the rest of the world. Get a boomerang crazy dance moves, or his favorite new summer “outfit,” or how about even a video of him trying to sing? Get him in all of his dad glory for the perfect post on Father’s Day.

Now if your father doesn’t have an Instagram, make sure to post it on another social platform. But if he’s like my dad and doesn’t have social media, you better have a good email heading his way on the morning of Father’s Day linking out to your snarky Instagram post. Trust me, he’ll be laughing — if he enjoys sarcasm, that is. If he doesn’t, you may want to stay clear of some of the posts you are about to read...

“Dad, you may be getting old, but your style never does. #killingit”

“On Father’s Day, let's review the most important lesson learned from my dad: Coffee.”

“My dance party moves wouldn’t be as lit without yours. Thanks, Dad.”

“Without your money, I wouldn’t have stuff. Thanks for that Dad, Happy Father’s Day.”

“Father’s Day wouldn’t exist without me, Dad, remember that.”

“Thanks for all the nutritional tips, Dad. Would never know what is truly "good" without you!”

“Hey Dad, thanks for all the crazy times when Mom was gone. She will still never know, don’t worry!”

“Thanks for feeding me when I couldn’t when I was younger. Would be dead without you Dad, so thanks.”

“All of those diaper changes must have been so sh**ty Dad, so thanks for that. You da best.”

“Thanks for always getting me out of a pinch Dad, couldn’t have made it through grade school without you. #rebelkid”

“Thanks for showing people my babies pictures still Dad, you’re officially embarrassing. Love you.”

“Thanks for sticking around, Dad, and not trying to take over the galaxy or something without telling me.”

“I won’t kill your dreams of being the “cool dad” just yet... Happy Father’s Day to the coolest cat in town (sometimes).”

“Dad, on this Father’s Day, thanks for teaching me all of your weird stuff you like to do and convincing mom that you’re doing it ‘for the kids.’”

“Hey Dad, without you, I would never know my truly favorite activity: Spending your money. Happy Father’s Day!”

“Hey Dad, thanks for being unapologetically you. But maybe tomorrow, you could stop embarrassing me so much? #LoveYou”