Funny Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Guys

by Kiersten Hickman

Some guys want a gushy, romantic Valentine’s Day. They love to sweep you off your feet, wine and dine you, and tell you how beautiful you are…you know, just typical 90’s rom-com stuff. But what about the guys who could care less about Valentine’s Day? What do you give them? Are there any funny valentine’s day gift ideas that would make him appreciate the day all the more?

Why yes, yes there are. If your guy isn’t so much intoValentine’s Day – then appreciate that and make the most of your situation! You can tap into his funny side and play around with him by giving one of these corny yet amazing gifts – like that coffee mug or the taco dinosaur socks (no, I’m not kidding, they are actually a thing). Oh, and most of them really have nothing to do with the holiday, which is a huge plus.

Or maybe your guy really is into Valentine’s Day, but the two of you are always making jokes and fooling around. These gifts are still perfect to give him for Valentine’s Day.

What I’m trying to say is that love Valentine’s Day or hate Valentine’s Day, you can still give him one of these gifts and score on Valentine’s Day. Here’s a few funny last-minute gift ideas for your guy.

Custom Property Boxer Brief

Custom Property Boxer Brief, $28.97, Amazon

Better let him know you marked your territory, right?

Mug With A Hoop

Mug with a Hoop, $24, Uncommon Goods

Is your guy a basketball geek who loves his morning cereal? Let him play some hoops with his food!

Game Over Sport Sock

For the sporty guy in your life who’s always getting competitive at any pick-up game, these socks are exactly what he needs.

Game Over Sport Sock, $1.99, Urban Outfitters

Dapper Shave Case

Dapper Shave Case, $50, Dormify

Does your guy ever stop saying “dapper” when he’s getting ready in the morning? Let him know how dapper he is with this dapper case.

Wooden Beer Caddy With Bottle Opener

Wooden Beer Caddy, $45, Uncommon Goods

Perfect for all the guys who are always looking for a bottle opener for the beers that they brought to the party.

DIY Letterboard iPhone 6/6s Case

DIY Letterboard iPhone Case, $9.99, Urban Outfitters

In case your guy is always pulling out the sarcastic comments, he doesn’t have to always say them now with this letterboard phone case.

Coffee Mug

Coffee Mug, $14.99, Amazon

Does this describe your man’s morning ritual? Then you must get this for him.

Tacosaurus Knee High Socks

Tacosaurus Knee High Socks, $12, Uncommon Goods

What guy wouldn’t want taco dinosaur socks? I mean, I kind of want them too…

Batteries Boxer Brief

Batteries Boxer Brief, $3.99, Urban Outfitters

I can’t decide if it’s a good thing or a bad thing that the batteries are on low on these boxer briefs... either way, give them to him and see what his interpretation might be.

Shawty Teddy Bear

Shawty Teddy Bear, $35, Amazon

When you just want to be cute and cuddly but gotta make him laugh too…

I Like Her Butt Mug

Couples Mug Set, $22, Etsy

A little something for you and him!

Bag Of Unicorn Farts

Bag of Unicorn Farts, $9.99, Amazon

Trying to think of a clever way to give your guy candy or something sweet? Here's a brilliant way to do so!

F Bomb Paperweight

F Bomb Paperweight, $45, Uncommon Goods

Does your guy have to be careful at swearing at work? Does your guys just love to swear? Give into his love for profane language with this beautiful paper weight.

Dabbin Cupid Sweatshirt

Dabbin Cupid Sweatshirt, $30+, Etsy

For the boyfriend who always has to throw a dab into the conversation.

People Feeder

People Feeder, $48, Uncommon Goods

Fill this with his favorite snack and definitely tell him how much of a bird he is with your food.

Yoda One For Me Shirt

Yoda One For Me Shirt, $14.04, Etsy

And lastly, a nerdy Star Wars shirt. Top the gift off with a day of Star Wars marathoning — he will absolutely love it.