Ken Todd Fell Asleep At Denise Richards’ ‘RHOBH’ Wedding & 15 Other Moments You Missed

by Marenah Dobin

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 9 has been intense. Everyone is either talking about Dorit Kemsley's failed dog adoption or looking for an excuse to bring it up again. And then there's Denise Richards, the down-to-earth woman that we now rely on for comic relief. Denise Richards' wedding was exactly what Real Housewives of Beverly Hills needed.

Aside from a much-needed reprieve from the dog drama, the March 26 episode reminded the fans that RHOBH can be fun again. It's possible to enjoy the show without divisive drama. Denise is just such a breath of fresh air. Whether she's casually dressed while the other women are decked out to the nines or if she's admittedly confused about what's going on between the ladies, Denise brings good vibes at all times. She doesn't sweat the small stuff. She just lives her best life and her wedding day was no exception.

She planned the wedding in less than two days. She wore a romper instead of a gown and she didn't even care if Aaron Phypers saw her before the ceremony.

Denise and Aaron did their wedding their way and it brought out the best in the Beverly Hills Housewives. If anyone can make this show fun again, it's Denise Richards. Hopefully, she hosts more events this season because her wedding was exactly what the season needed for so many reasons.

Denise Invited Charlie Sheen

Unfortunately, Denise's ex-husband Charlie Sheen did not attend the wedding, but he was more than welcome. During her on camera interview, she remarked, "No matter what's going on with Charlie and I, I invite Charlie to everything having to do with the kids and I. Even if he did bring a prostitute as his date, I wouldn't care. It just is what it is."

If only he really did do that. That would make the wedding even more epic than it already was.

Aaron Gave Gifts To Denise's Daughters

The night before the wedding, Aaron gave necklaces to Denise's daughters Sami, Lola, and Eloise to celebrate the milestone for their family. It was such a sweet moment for them all.

Denise Didn't Care About ANY Of The Details

It doesn't get more chill than Denise Richards. She couldn't be a bridezilla if she tried. Not only did she avoid stressing over the details, but she literally had no clue what any of the details actually were.

During the episode, she admitted, "I have no idea what the venue looks like. I don't know if flowers showed up. I don't know if there's music. We didn't do a rehearsal. I'm actually nervous that nobody is going to show up because this is so last minute." At the very least, she knew that her family and the RHOBH camera crew would be there.

Erika Wore A Lisa Rinna Jumpsuit

Usually Erika Jayne is over the top, but she kept it relaxed by wearing a black jumpsuit that Lisa Rinna designed. Plus, the exchange when Lisa saw Erika for the first time was just so adorable. Lisa couldn't help yelling "Oh, shut up. No way!"

Erika even blamed the outfit choice for her tardiness. She declared, "That's why I'm late. I wanted to put on my Lisa Rinna jumper." That doesn't quite make sense, but it was such a cute moment. And again, it's nice to see them discussing a jumpsuit instead of a failed dog adoption. For once.

Denise Planned The Day As She Went Along

Even though Denise was late to her own wedding, she was still laying out the plans that day. She even joked with her dad, "I wasn't going to have you walk me down the aisle because I feel like I'm the oldest bride in Los Angeles."

When she found out what time it was, she didn't seem phased at all. Her dad even reminded her, "They can't start without you, right?" Good point.

The Wedding Had Some Unique Touches

Even with basically zero notice, the wedding was full of some unique elements. There were infinity signs made up from flowers — per Aaron's numerology — and someone painted a portrait as the wedding day progressed.

Lisa Vanderpump Joked About Her Boobs With Dorit

Lisa Vanderpump and Dorit Kemsley havent gotten along all season. However, they left their drama behind on Denise's wedding day. When Lisa greeted Dorit, she joked, "My breasts got bigger on the way in." Dorit played along and told her, "Your breasts look enormous." This was a lot more entertaining than discussing text message print-outs in size thirty-six font.

Denise Didn't Care About Aaron Seeing Her Dress Beforehand

Not only did Denise not feel superstitious about Aaron seeing her dress before the ceremony, they actually went to the wedding together and walked down the aisle as a family. This might just be the most relaxed weddding of all time.

Jerry O'Connell & Rebecca Romijn Showed Up

Jerry O'Connell and Rebecca Romijn are the most avid super fans of the Real Housewives franchise. Even though they're celebrities who are genuinely close with Denise, watching them felt like seeing one of the fans at a Real Housewives event.

Jerry even introduced himself to everyone, even though he's met most of them before. Dorit told him, "I do remember. We did spend a couple of days together." This prompted Jerry to joke, "A lot of people think I'm Jason Bateman. So, I say 'Jerry' just in case." Jerry and Rebecca always add entertainment to anything Bravo-related.

Lisa & Lisa Got Along

Instead of approaching Rinna with a hug, Vanderpump grabbed her butt. That's a far cry from the dramatic accusation slinging from the past. If only the Lisas always joked around like this! Maybe if Denise has a vow renewal next season, they can get along again.

In her on-camera interview, Rinna explalined, "Here's the thing. I don't have a beef with Vanderpump right now. So, I'm not surprised that she would come up and grab my butt.."

Then Rinna joked, "She can't help but touch me, grab me, want a piece of me. She's slightly obsessed with me." That last part might not be true, but the scene was adorable and hilarious.

Teddi Pointed Out That Denise Was Late

Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave is best know for her need to be on time. No one will ever forget when she argued with Dorit about being late for a lunch date last season. So, it was pretty hilarious to see the accountability coach calling out the bride for punctuality on her big day. It feels like a whole lifetime ago when Teddi's biggest issue on this show was getting stood up at a restaurant. She probably misses that in all honesty.

Denise Let Her Daughter Wear Sneakers

When Denise's daughter Sami asked if she had another pair of heels to wear, Denise didn't have any spares. At first, Denise remarked, "You're going to have to learn how to walk in them. They're Christian Louboutin. You've gotta figure it out."

Eventually, Sami asked if she could wear sneakers instead and Denise told her, "Yes, wear your sneakers. I don't give a sh*t." And that's why she's a national treasure. Denise doesn't stress over the silly things.

Denise Walked Down The Aisle To Heavy Metal Music

Before Denise walked down the aisle, she jokingly asked Aaron, "Do I look like a slutty bride?" Then some heavy metal music started blasting and she made her way down the aisle. Denise remarked "This isn't your typical 'here comes the f*cking bride.'" No, it is not. Not by a longshot.

A Helicopter Disrupted The Ceremony

Even though they tried to get serious with the vows and the meaning of the infinity symbol, a noisy paparrazzi helicopter kept interrupting. As expected, Denise and Aaron were unphased and just continued enjoying their day.

Ken Fell Asleep

Ken Todd fell asleep at Kyle Richards' party during the first episode of the season and now he's falling asleep at Denise's wedding. Maybe he just wasn't moved by all the infinity symbolism. Or he just didn't expect the ceremony to start so late.

Denise & Rinna's Mutual Ex-Boyfriend Showed Up

When Lisa Rinna spotted her former flame Patrick Muldoon at the wedding, she yelled his name and called him over to chat. Dorit told Patrick, "I met Denise with Lisa Rinna and I heard that the two of them were shagging you at the same time." Then, LVP jumped in and asked "Who was better?" Patrick didn't actually answer the question, but the lighthearted messiness was just too good.

This was just the perfect episode and a great reminder that this show can be funny, heartwarming, and entertaining without the entire cast being at odds.