Who Is John Sessa On 'RHOBH'? He's In The Middle Of All The Lucy Lucy Apple Juice Drama

This season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has gone to the dogs, literally. All of the drama so far stems from Dorit Kemsley's failed adoption of a puppy named Lucy from Vanderpump Dogs. This is now so confusing and involves plenty of people, including two guys named John. One is John Blizzard, who viewers met last week and the other one is a man named John Sessa. Who is this guy?

Blizzard runs events at Vanderpump Dogs, but Sessa is a little higher up, serving as the executive director for Vanderpump Dogs, according to his bio on the organization's website. His bio also reveals that John has a Bachelor's degree in Spanish and International Business from Wabash College. He also earned a Doctorate of Business Administration in International Business and Global Finance from Argosy University. So actually, he's Doctor John Sessa. There's no doubt that he has an amazing resumé. The man speaks English, Spanish, and Italian fluently. Not only that, but he has a variety of business experience in addition to publishing several articles.

But, getting back to the Bravo-related content, he has more connections to Lisa Vanderpump aside from the Vanderpump Dogs foundation. He was also a co-founder of Vanderpump Pets with Lisa and her husband Ken Todd.

Unfortunately, the Bravo ties don't end there. He is embroiled in the Lucy Lucy Apple Juice scandal. The fans first "met" John during the Season 9 premiere episode when he asked Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave and Kyle Richards, "You don't recognize her?" And then he uttered the words that changed the course of the season: "It's Dorit's dog. she's with us again." Later, the Housewives accused Lisa of putting her employee up to this and staging this conversation in front of the cameras.

However, John rebuffed that accusation during the March 5 episode on a phone call with Lisa. He told her, "I’m not your employee, first and foremost. I’m your partner. He even declared, "You don’t control what I say. Sorry, Lisa." So much for that theory, right? Nope. This is the storyline that will never end. Don't these women want to talk about something else? Anything else at all?

In response to the gossip, Lisa adamantly denies being the mastermind behind puppygate and John has corroborated her version of the story. John owned his role in the controversy during a Feb. 26 interview for the On The Rocks radio show.

He recalled, "Lisa said, 'shut this down' at 9:45 and we were filming at 10. And honestly, I'm not going to. How am I supposed to be an executive director [and a] doctor of international business for a foundation that is international? We're in six countries. And I'm supposed to say, 'Oh when something bad happens and it involves a celebrity, we just push that under the rug.' It doesn't work that way."

On the Rocks Radio Show with Alexander Rodriguez on YouTube

John does more than overseeing the day to day operations at Vanderpump Dogs. He is also very hands-on when it comes to the dogs themselves. He even has a special relationship with Lucy. Yes, that Lucy.

During that same radio interview, John revealed, "This is a dog that was born in my house, bottle-fed by me." That can explain why he has been so passionate about sharing this story and correcting a wrong.

Ultimately, John is a not someone who's thirsting for camera time. After all, he has been working with Lisa and Ken for years and he's never been a part of any storyline on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills or Vanderpump Rules. He really explained himself best during that On the Rocks interview: "I have loyalty to my foundation and I have loyalty to my dogs."

When it comes down to it, John is a smart man with ample business experience, a love for dogs, and an insistence on doing the right thing.