16 Photos That Prove Coachella Is Just One Giant ‘Bachelor’ Reunion

Jerod Harris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

At this point, Coachella is more than just a music festival. It is a series of parties and a glorified fashion show. And, this year, Coachella was a big Bachelor reunion. Stars from The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and Bachelor in Paradise were all in Indio, California to enjoy the first weekend of the festival.

They gave everyone outfit envy with their Coachella looks. They got their hair and makeup done at the event with lots of braids, buns, and glitter. They took a ton of a photos in front of perfect-for-Instagram backdrops. And of course, they did eventually watch some musical performances.

After being introduced as Raven Gates' friend during The Bachelor Season 22, Tia Booth finally met Raven's Bachelor friends Alexis Waters, Danielle Lombard, Kristina Schulman, and Jasmine Goode from Season 21 — which called for a bunch of group photos, of course. Kendall Long and Seinne Fleming enjoyed the festival together. Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 costars Jasmine Goode and DeMario Jackson met up in Coachella Valley. And Bachelorette Season 13 contestants Dean Unglert and Alex Bordyukov hung out in starkly contrasting outfits.

Other Bachelor stars were present for Coachella, too, but did not share photos with their fellow reality TV alums. Corinne Olympios spent quality time with her little sister, Taylor Olympios. Lauren Bushnell went to Coachella with her boyfriend, Devin Antin. Bachelor Nation favorites Amanda Stanton, Nick Viall, Eric Bigger, and Chase McNary also attended the three-day event.

Check out the photos of Bachelor alums, stepping up their outfit game, experimenting with new hairstyles, enjoying the music, and reuniting with their former costars at Coachella aka Bachella.


Danielle Lombard, Jasmine Goode, Amanda Stanton, Raven Gates, & Alexis Waters

It was a Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 reunion in front of a Kardashian-esque flower wall. Danielle, Jasmine, Amanda, Raven, and Alexis all served up unique looks at this Coachella party.


Dean Unglert & Nick Viall

Most people opt for colorful outfits at Coachella, but Dean and Nick are not most people. The duo (unintentionally?) matched in all black ensembles during the festival, but why was Dean in a baby stroller?


Seinne Fleming & Kendall Long

Considering that Seinne and Kendall both live in California, it makes sense that the Bachelor Season 22 alums would head out to the festival together.


Corinne Olympios & Her Sister

Corinne turned Coachella into a sibling weekend with her little sister, Taylor, by her side.


Eric Bigger

Eric blessed Instagram with a shirtless photo from Coachella because, why not?


Chase McNary

This is a total plot twist for Chase. Typically the Bachelorette alum is all about shirtless Instagram photos, but he opted to throw on a tank top for the first weekend of Coachella.


Raven Gates & Tia Booth

The besties from Arkansas worked it in front of a flower wall with their coordinating red outfits.


Lauren Bushnell & Her Boyfriend

Lauren turned Coachella into a date night (or date weekend) with her boyfriend, Devin. It might have been a long day walking around the festival, but Lauren's feet got a break when her man gave her a boost during the night.


Raven Gates, Jasmine Goode, Kristina Schulman, Alexis Waters, & Tia Booth

Tia hung out with Raven's Bachelor besties Jasmine, Kristina, and Alexis at a Coachella party.


Dean Unglert & Alex Bordyukov

Could these outfits be any more different? Dean wore black from head to toe and Alex rocked what looks like a one-piece outfit with a colorful print.


Kristina Schulman & Tia Booth

Was Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 standout Kristina initiating Tia into the BiP family with this photo and her caption of "Welcome to Paradise🌴 I mean Coachella-dise?" Let's hope so.


Danielle Lombard, Jasmine Goode, Amanda Stanton, Raven Gates, & Alexis Waters

What are the Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 stars laughing about in this photo? Did Alexis say something funny? Or is this just an intentionally "candid" photo? No matter what was going on behind the scenes, this is a super cute picture.


Seinne Fleming & Dean Unglert

These two know each other? Sure, it's not that surprising since Seinne and Dean both live in California and everyone on Bachelor shows does end up meeting somehow, but this just seems so random. Are the friends or did they just happen to run into each other while hanging with other Bachelor stars?


Jasmine Goode & DeMario Jackson

BiP Season 4 stars Jasmine and DeMario reunited at Coachella. Will they both be back at the Mexican resort this summer? Or are the Coachella photos the only Paradise reunion we'll be seeing?


Jasmine Goode, Alexis Waters, & Raven Gates

There is so much going on in this photo. Alexis is on the phone and sipping a drink, Jasmine is sitting there looking fierce, and Raven is (maybe?) stretching out her legs.


Raven Gates & Alexis Waters

Raven and Alexis worked it in front of this flower wall... yet again.

Sure, here are concerts and parties to enjoy at Coachella, but it's apparently a great event to attend for anyone who is a Bachelor fan. There's so many people you might spot!