16 Questions About Corinne's Life, Based On The 'Bachelor' Contestant's Instagram Account


If you've been watching The Bachelor even a little bit — or hell, even talking to someone who watches The Bachelor — you're probably familiar with Corinne Olympios, this season's most controversial contestant. She's been all over the place on the series, earning at times my confusion, my irritation, and my respect. And at this point, I can't really tell where I stand with her. So I took to her social media to get some answers, but instead, all I got was a series of questions I now have about Corinne based on her Instagram account. She is a layered little corn cob of a person, just as she said on the show, and her Instagram only emphasizes all the different aspects to her personality, instead of highlighting just one.

I'll obviously stay tuned for future episodes to see if I can get a read on the complicated blonde, and of course, it's almost certain that we'll be seeing Corinne on Bachelor in Paradise, assuming she doesn't win over Nick Viall's heart. But in the meantime, here are some photos from Corinne's stream, just to get you scratching your head a little more about the nanny-having 24-year old. Bon voyage!

1. So I Guess You & Kristina Were Friends After All?

Last I heard, Corinne was pissed about feeling like a third wheel on "Kristina and Nick's date," but I guess the two made up post-show?

2. Is She In On The Joke?

The caption of this photo is "When it's Raquel's day off," which makes me wonder if Corinne is "in on" the way she's being portrayed and actually feeding into it, but I genuinely can't tell.

3. Who Took This?

You got a boyfriend, girl?

4. Is Corinne In The Final Three?

Taking a photo with Vanessa and Raven, who are both also still in the running, sure does suggest that Corinne makes it past Hometowns. Especially because we know that Rachel has to go home soon and start prepping to be the Bachelorette.

5. Whaaaaat Are We Selling Here?

A noon box? A balloon dog? High socks? No pants? A shirt? I need a hint.

6. Is That Her Dog?

Somehow I had her figured for a purse puppy kind of gal, so this big ol' hound would change everything, if it's not just for a photo shoot.

7. What Is Your Sister's Deal & Can You Tell Me Everything About Her?

And no, I can't wait until Hometowns.

8. What Does Ellen Smell Like In Person?

Vanilla? Kindness? Money??

9. What Was The Deal With Leah Block's Black Eye On Her Season?

Don't you dare tell me you didn't think to ask.

10. How Do You Get All That Makeup To Stay On In The Pool?

Some kind of Corn magic? #cornmagic

11. Is This Your Actual Dog?

Much closer to what I was expecting.

12. Is Jasmine G. Relieved That She Finally Found You?

She spent so much time looking for you on the show when you were off, fast asleep, that I imagine she was starting to get worried.

13. So... These Ladies Aren't Mad At You Anymore, Huh?

From an audience perspective, it didn't seem like you made the best of impressions on them, so what is it I'm not seeing? Spill.

14. Do People Ask You All The Time If You've Had Your Lips Done?

Her caption for this one is "Lips est. in 1991" with the hashtag #gotitfrommymama and various emoji, which makes me think she must get this question a lot.

15. Can I Meet Your Family, Please?

Her parents seem like a seriously good time.

16. Literally What Is Your Workout Routine?

I never see anyone eat on The Bachelor, and you've been proudly doing it on camera all season and still looking athletic AF. What's your secret, so I can try it in my own life?

Sorry to leave you with more questions than answers, but that's what happens when you accept Corinne into your life.