16 Cool Gadgets To Get Your Friends For The Holidays That Are Way Better Than A Gift Card

by Kaitlyn Wylde
Urban Outfitters

The most difficult thing about finding tech gift ideas for your techie friends is that they already have everything. Or, at least, they have everything that they want. And if there's something that they don't have, it's probably for a good reason. True tech geeks do a lot of research before purchasing things, and they often spend a lot of time deliberating before making a purchase to ensure they're getting the highest functioning version of whatever it is that they want.

So when holiday season rolls around and you're trying pick up some basic tech gifts, it quickly becomes a lot more complicated than any other type of gift shopping. You have to check reviews, you have vet the brand, you have to search for a good deal, and you have to make sure that it's compatible with other devices your friend might already have. Who has that time during the holiday season?

Well, I do. It's my job! So here I've made a list of tried and true gifts that any tech lover will be happy to unbox — no matter how picky and particular they might be. But when in doubt, know that if you shop at a big tech store that offers gift receipts, you can really do no wrong.

Fitbit Alta


Fitbit Alta HR, $149, Fitbit

For anyone looking to amp up their game, this sleek beauty is the perfect accessory that actually motivates you to be active. Plus, it displays your text messages if you connect it with your phone, so whether you're a social butterfly or an athlete, this wearable is for you.

Roku Streaming Stick Plus


Roku Streaming Stick Plus, $49, Roku

For your anti-cable tech friend who still wants to watch all the shows, this is literally the dream gift.

Lens Replacements


Store Credit, Any Amount, LensCrafters

My parents walk around with broken glasses for years because they're overwhelmed by the process of getting them fixed — but at LensCrafters it's beyond easy. So get them a gift certificate for a lens replacement or fresh pair of frames.


Urban Ears

Plattan 2, $49, UrbanEars

A nice, soft, noise canceling pair of headphones are totally clutch. And not only are these high-grade, but they also come in ever color of the rainbow, so you can really fine tune your gifting.

FujiFilm Camera

Urban Outfitters

Fujifilm X UO Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera, $69, Urban Outfitters

This mini instant camera will be appreciated by anyone. They come in different colors and are way smaller than their much larger predecessors. Plus, it's a great gift for the holiday season because your recipient can document all the festivities.

Curling Iron


Classic Curling Wand, $69, Ulta Beauty

This curling iron is an industry favorite. It's super easy to use and lasts forever. Get it for someone who wants to get in on that Victoria's Secret hair game.

Cloud Cam


Cloud Cam, $100, Amazon

For the trusting tech friend who would not be freaked out by Amazon Key's in-home delivery system, this security smart camera is a great gift.



Clarisonic Facial Cleansing System, $129, Amazon

If you've got a tech friend who's into beauty, they're going to love this cleanser that literally washes your face and exfoliates for you.

Pet Tracker


Pea Pet Activity Tracker, $39, Best Buy

For the pet-obsessed tech friend, this fido finder and activity tracker is essential.

Lumee Phone Case

Best Buy

LuMee Phone Case, $47, Best Buy

Who wouldn't want a little bit of extra light while they're trying to snap the ultimate holiday selfie?


Urban Outfitters

UO Tune In Cassette Boom Box, $99, Urban Outfitters

Old-school meets new school with these retro-styled boom boxes that stream wireless music in addition to actually playing real cassettes.

Smart Phone Sterilizer

Uncommon Goods

Smart Phone Sanitizer, $19, Uncommon Goods

Honestly, it doesn't matter how clean you think you are, everyone should have one of these. It's literally genius.

Long Distance Lamp

Uncommon Goods

Long Distance Lamps, $75, Uncommon Goods

These lamps interact with each other even if they're on opposite ends of the country. They're totally in-sync so you and your loved one can be in-sync, too.

Bioluminescent Aquarium

Uncommon Goods

Bioluminescent Aquarium, $59, Uncommon Goods

Anyone interested in science and atypical decor would be so happy to unbox these beauties. Watching plankton swim around while you're in bed is a pretty unique experience.

Phone Charging Bracelet

Uncommon Goods

Phone Charging Bracelet, $149, Uncommon Goods

It's a bracelet! It's a phone charger! It's both, and it's so totally perfect for that one friend whose phone is literally always dead.

Google Home


Google Home, $129, Walmart

This butler-of-a-device will play music, tell you about the weather, solve math problems, and so much more.