16 Things From The "Oh My Disney" Line That All '90s Kids Need IMMEDIATELY

Are you a Disney fan who is always looking for a way to integrate your love of all things magic and Mickey Mouse with your style now that you're ~kind of~ an adult? You're not alone. Enter: Disney's recent new line, the Oh My Disney collection. With 20 products currently, the collection looks like the brainchild of a twentysomething whose formative years in the '90s were spent dressing up at Epcot, and dreaming their one true love would come. But now that they've grown up they realizes you don't need anyone else to make you the boss you always have been.

The clothing, accessories, and office supplies seamlessly and stylishly mix business with play through items like a Sleeping Beauty-inspired phone case that reads "Five More Minutes," and a keychain sporting a modern take on the signature phrase of the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland; "Almost Everyone is Mad Here." The brand embraces a side of Disney not usually emphasized, but royalty can't be sweet all the time, right? Sometimes you have to show your sassy side.

The collection launched in January, and is available exclusively in the Disney Shop online. Prices begin at $9.99, making it far more affordable than jet setting to Cinderella's Castle. Here are some of the must-haves.

1. Ariel Chambray Bomber Jacket


Oh My Disney Ariel Bomber Jacket, $45, Shop Disney

If wearing a seashell bikini top is not a feasible outfit option for work/school/ pretty much any commitment on land, reveal your inner mermaid during any season with a sequin shell-embellished jacket that is blue as the deep sea.

2. Pin Set


Oh My Disney Disney pin Set, $15, Shop Disney

Subtly let other Disneyheads you are one in the same with one (or a few) of these pins — perfect for your purse, backpack, coat, or go all out by sporting them on the aforementioned bomber jacket.

3. Mulan Water Bottle


Oh My Disney Mulan Water Bottle, $10, Shop Disney

Staying hydrated while emulating arguably the most badass Disney princess of them all? What more could you want?! Oh yeah, the bottle is covered in gold glitter and says "Equal Parts Warrior and Princess," too.

4. Evil Queen Notebook


Oh My Disney Evil Queen Journal, $15, Shop Disney

This super elegant, black sparkly journal that reads "Mondays Are Evil" (true) and displays a portrait of Maleficent's profile is perfect for housing your innermost thoughts and dreams, no matter how dark some may be.

5. Belle Tee Shirt


Oh My Disney Belle T-Shirt, $27, Shop Disney

A shirt fit for Francophiles, bookworms, and Belles of the Ball, alike. The light grey top displays an silhouette of the princess Belle holding three (unnaturally) large books, topped with Mrs. Potts, Cogsworth, and Chip, and reads "Books S'il Vous Plaît."

6. Merida Wallet


Oh My Disney Merida Brave Wallet, $27, Shop Disney

The faux-leather wallet sports a golden silhouette of the best redheaded princess since Ariel and reads, "Our fate lives within us. You only have to be BRAVE enough to see it."

7. Pencil Set


Oh My Disney Princess Pencil Set, $13, Shop Disney

If you can't decide on one pattern only, snag this set of nine pencils featuring a number of your favorite characters. If you loan one of these to a friend, they will know where your heart lies (in Orlando.)

8. Bambi & Thumper Tote


Oh My Disney Bambi and Thumper Tote Bag, $25, Oh My Disney

Perfect for animal lovers and general sweethearts alike, the faux-leather tote displays a large hot pink silhouette of Bambi and Thumper, as well as the quote, "If you can't say something nice, don't say nothin' at all."

9. Lion King Tank Top


Oh My Disney Lion King Tank Top, $27, Shop Disney

Channel your inner *queen* of the jungle with this tank top, perfect to wear during workouts.

10. Evil Queen Compact


Oh My Disney Evil Queen Glass Compact Mirror, $17, Shop Disney

Good for when you're feelin' naughy and feelin' yourself.

11. Lion King Makeup Bag


Oh My Disney Lion King Makeup Bag, $17, Shop Disney

The Lion King may not be the premiere Disney flick you associate with glamour, but don't let that deter you from storing your goodies in this chic white zippered clutch.

12. Cinderella Tee Shirt


Oh My Disney Cinderella Dreaming T-Shirt, $27, Oh My Disney

The quintessential Disney princess + millennial pink = an unbelievably cute shirt for a royal's day off.

13. Disney Sticky Notes


Oh My Disney Sticky Note Set, $15, Shop Disney

Of the seven sticky note pads, one is the only item n the entire line to pull inspiration from the Pirates of the Caribbean film.

14. Evil Queen Tank Top


Oh My Disney Evil Queen Tank Top, $27, Shop Disney

The perfect shirt for a particularly hot (thus particularly evil) Monday.

15. Sleeping Beauty Tumbler


Sleeping Beauty Travel Tumbler, $10, Shop Disney

Perhaps the most universally relatable item, the coffee tumbler is perfect for letting the world know you're not ready until your coffee is ready.

16. Cinderella Passport Holder


Cinderella Passport Holder, $17, Shop Disney

Ideal for travel by way of pumpkin-turned horse-drawn carriage.