16 Things To Buy For Your Next Cozy Night Home Alone

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It's early in the workweek. Your inbox has exploded. You hate your boss. Your leggings are too tight. All you can think about is your big Friday night plans: nothing. Before FriYAY hits, you'll want to keep scrolling for 16 things to buy for your next night home alone.

Something happens as we get older. We become less "OMG you guys what's happening tonight? Group photo!" and more "Wow, this Netflix documentary on the dung beetle is fascinating." You learn to appreciate silence, solitude, being able to pick your wedgies in peace. This is what life is really about.

You used to live for the next big social outing. Now, on the off-chance that you do go out, you fake menstrual cramps so you can go home early.

It makes sense, when you think about it. If you're a 9-to-5er, you deal with people all the time. Your life is incredibly people-y. Understandably, then, when you get a night to yourself, you're thrilled to be left alone so you can eat raw cookie dough and spend three consecutive hours on Pinterest without anyone judging you.

If a night home alone is on the agenda, make the most of it with these 16 items.