16 Times Hilary Of 'Fresh Prince' Was A Total Boss

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Though you can easily find a bunch of TV show characters capable of inspiring you into truly taking control of your life, you'll find few quite as indomitable as Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air's Hilary Banks. Sure, on the one hand, she could be spoilt, cruel, or incredibly ditzy, but, on the other hand, she was actually something of a feminist icon. Not only did she manage to turn her life around, become self-sufficient, and enjoy a self-made career, but Hilary was a total boss on Fresh Prince. Once she managed to figure exactly who she was, she began to realize exactly what she wanted from life and what she needed to do to get those things. And her best moments in Fresh Prince prove how stunningly fierce, sassy, and confident she was in pursuing them.

It doesn't even matter whether you share the same values with her — obtaining expensive clothes, dating rich men, and looking beautiful at all times — because you can still totally admire her attitude in getting herself those things. Not only did Hilary have an enviable quick wit when it came to shady take downs of people who, frankly, deserved it, she also had a steely sense of self. And that was something with a value that she didn't allow anyone to diminish.

So, if you're looking to absorb some of Hilary's absolute boss-ness, then look no further than these 16 utterly finger snapping moments:

1. When She Delivered The Best Sex Talk Ever

Seriously, this was probably her finest hour.

2. When She Got Real With Her Dating Advice

Warner Bros. Television
Warner Bros. Television
Warner Bros. Television

No blithe metaphors to be found here. Just the pursuit of high investment, romantic ambition.

3. When She Wore A Wedding Dress Just To Hear Trevor's Televised Proposal

It's just a shame that Trevor had to go and die... in the middle of said proposal.

4. When She Went "Grocery Shopping" In Her Parents' Fridge

It's so very shameless, but also so very applause worthy.

5. When She Didn't Try And Spare Anyone From Her Bad Mood

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Just make me a gold crown with this statement embedded within it in gemstones, please.

6. When She Wasn't Afraid To Show Her Love For Jazz

Jazz was a creep, particularly towards Hilary. But you've really got to respect that, in the brief moment of insanity when she genuinely did have feelings for him, she was proud about that fact and defended him.

7. When Her Personal Financial System Sounded Flawless

Hilary should have totally opened up her own bank so that people could get this level of quality financial advice from a team of impeccably dressed advisers.

8. When She Wasn't Afraid To Show Exactly How Much She Didn't Like Jazz

Hilary could say things with the simplest gesture of her face and body that would take the rest of us several threatening emails to master.

9. When She Proved That Becoming A Weather Girl Was A Legit Great Career Move

Big pay with plenty of free time to spare. So shut the hell up, Carlton.

10. Whenever Her Confidence Was Off The Scale

And then some. This is the sort of peak confidence that is truly worth aiming for in life.

11. When She Felt Completely Comfortable In Her Own Skin

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The ultimate mantra for those of us who shrivel at the sheer thought of being turned into a She's All That-style project.

12. When She Wasn't Afraid To Simply Tell It How It Is

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13. When She Made It Perfectly Clear That She Doesn't Do Ever Do Housework

Thus proving that there's absolutely nothing wrong with knowing your worth, maintaining high standards, and flat out refusing to keep your side of the apartment clean.

14. When She Knew Exactly What She Wanted, And Wasn't Afraid To Take It

Get it, girl.

15. When She Laid Down Some Legit, Scientific Proof Of Her Popularity

It took NASA 35 long and fictional years to collect and analyze the data for this, but it's absolutely true, you guys. You can't argue with the universe.

16. When Her Good Lucks Got Her Into Some Deep Trouble

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Warner Bros. Television
Warner Bros. Television

Nailed it.

Now, if I can just find myself a suitable collection of power hats and double breasted skirt suits, then I think I'll be ready to do life properly. The Hilary way, like an absolute boss.