16 Valentine’s Day Gifts For The Disney Fan In Your Life

"So this is love. MmmmMmmm. So this is loooooove." Valentine's Day is fast approaching; and just a couple weeks out, most of us have officially hit panic mode. What can you give your significant other that's romantic but not cliche and something they'll really love? Well, if they enjoy Disney movies (who doesn't?), you can try one of these 16 Valentine's Day gifts for Disney fans that will make all their happiest dreams come true.

While the storylines of some of our favorite Disney movies are arguably sexist, there's one thing we can't deny: romance, love, and happiness help build the foundation of all things Disney. We grew up watching maids become princesses, loyal daughters taming wild beasts, and mermaids finding their voice, all living happily ever after. While today's dating scene is a little less fairytale and a little more Tinderella, the kid in all of us still wants the same thing: our own fairytale ending, whatever that may mean.

Most of us love receiving flowers and chocolate on Valentine's Day; but if you're looking to do something different and extra, extra special for the one you love and the biggest Disney fan in your life, these 16 gifts will undoubtedly get the job done. Happy shopping!


The Greatest Movie Scene Of All Time

Lady and the Tramp Plush Set, $24.95, Shop Disney

While I'd be more annoyed than anything that my boo was trying to steal my spaghetti, even I have to admit this scene is still so heartwarming. Gift it to your lover this Valentine's Day to remind them they're the only one worthy of your pasta.


"Frozen" Chocolate Hearts

Disney Frozen Valentine Heart Box, $4.95, Walmart

You can never go wrong with chocolate on Valentine's Day. Spice things up for the Disney lover in your life with these Frozen-themed chocolate hearts that will give your partner the warm fuzzies.


A Personalized Message From Minnie

Minnie Mouse Message Plush, $26.95, Shop Disney

Not good with words? Let Minnie handle it for you. She always knows what to say. Get this plush personalized to add a special touch.

Psst! They have it in Mickey Mouse, too, as well as Mickey and Minnie in a smaller size.


Matchy-Matchy Key Rings

His Beauty & Her Beast Keyring, $13.32, Etsy

You and your mate will be twinning hardcore once you grab these adorable key rings from JessicasLittleGifts.


Disney Bling

Belle and Beast Valentine's Day Bangle, $44.95, Shop Disney

Does your partner need more jewelry? OF COURSE THEY DO. Look how happy Belle and Beast look. If Beauty and the Beast isn't your top Disney pick, you can also grab Rapunzel and Flynn, Cinderella and Prince Charming, Ariel and Prince Eric, and so many more.


Hey Mickey!

Disney Inspired Valentine's Day Mickey Shirt, $21.99, Etsy

GET IT? This witty shirt from SouthernHighCottonCo channels one of the greatest songs ever written and doubles as the perf Valentine's Day gift.


This Yoda Pin

Yoda Pin, $12.99, Shop Disney

Yoda always knows what to say. (He just doesn't really know the order in which to say it.)


Romantic Cookies

Mickey and Minnie Kiss Cookie Gift Box Set, $20, Etsy

ChrystinesConfection knows that the way to anyone's heart is through their stomach. These treats look adorable and delicious and perfect for the true Disney fan.


Bath Bombs With A Surprise Inside

Bath Bomb Set With Toy Surprise Inside, $15.70, Etsy

While this might not appear to be romantic, if you surprise your lover with these colorful, magical bath bombs that have toys inside from MaryBerrySoaps, I can all but promise they'll giggle with joy.


This Rad, Glow-In-The-Dark Plate

"Jack And Sally" Personalized Glow-In-The-Dark Plate, $129.99, The Bradford Exchange Online

This collector's plate featuring a scene from The Nightmare Before Christmas glows in the dark and you can have it customized with your own name and your boo-boo's. Très romantique!


A Tale As Old As Time... In A Snow Globe

Beauty And The Beast Rotating Musical Glitter Globe, $99.99, The Bradford Exchange Online

I don't care what anyone says about snow globes. They make the *best* gift. And with this glitter globe featuring one of the most romantic scenes from Beauty and the Beast, you and your SO will have a very memorable Valentine's Day.


A Boat Ride For Two

Disney Traditions by Jim Shore - Mickey & Minnie in Swan - Lovebirds, $55.00, Your WDW Store

Ugh. Isn't this just too precious for words? They look so in love and happy and not even slightly seasick. A great Valentine's Day gift? All signs point to yes.


Eye Make-Up

Disney Cinderella Collection Storylook Eyeshadow Palette, $39.99, Amazon

Now your love can channel their inner princess with these fun shades of eye make-up — and check out that magical box they come in! That might be better than the actual eyeshadow.


Beast's Rose

Swarovski Crystal Enchanted Rose Figurine, $159.99, Amazon

Do Valentine's Day up right with Swarovski. As an added bonus you can tell your one and only that you'll love them until the last petal falls. GET IT? Because the petals NEVER FALL? Awwwwww.


This Thomas Kinkade Painting

Thomas Kinkade Lady and the Tramp, $89.00, Amazon

This will look absolutely divine hanging in your home, and your SO will be uber touched. Look at that gorgeous view!


Princess Tiana And The Frog

Princess Tiana and Frog Figurine, $38.98, Amazon

Here's something we can all relate to. Didn't we all have to kiss a lot of frogs before finding our prince or princess? Fact.