17 Valentine's Day 2017 Gift Ideas For New Couples

How many ways can you say, "I love you"? With passing birthdays and holidays, the challenge becomes increasingly difficult: How can you top last year's showing of affection? For new couples, while the options are seemingly endless, finding the ideal gift to convey how much you care without going overboard is quite the feat.

There are no guidelines or actionable steps for gift-buying for your new love; in fact, for every couple, the standards and expectations are deeply different. No love is the same, and just as your current relationship is different from the last, the way in which you choose to tell your significant other just how much you care this Valentine's Day will be unique in its own way.

If you're stuck between funny cards or assorted chocolates, expensive flowers or a romantic dinner at a nice restaurant, why not take it to a new level? Make your first Valentine's Day with your new love one to remember, not for the standard of gift-giving, but for the unsuspecting surprise of exchanging affection in a way you've never done before.

Screw the teddy bear holding a box of chocolates, and opt, instead, for one of these 17 Valentine's Day gift ideas for new couples.