16 Vivian Banks Moments That No True 'Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air' Fan Will Ever Forget

If you regularly feel the exhaustion of modern life, then you clearly need to take some inspiration from Vivian Banks' best moments on Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air. On top of being a terrific professor, mom, and wife, Vivian is also a force of nature. She can achieve whatever she puts her mind to, and she's always her own woman. Whether it's delivering a witty comeback or fighting for justice, good old Aunt Viv is an inspiring character, and, to me, she's the true boss of Fresh Prince Of Bel Air.

All of the following moments are of the Original Aunt Vivian, which wasn't a deliberate decision by any means. It's just what organically happened while compiling moments for the article. But what became obvious to me was that there's a distinct change in personality between the character of the former Vivian (Janet Hubert) and the latter Vivian (Daphne Maxwell Reid).

The fact of the matter is that the original Vivian is, without a doubt, an absolute boss in every regard during Fresh Prince. And these below moments are the ones that fans of the show immediately call to mind whenever they want to remember that.

1. When She Rules The Dance Floor

Kyle Goodwin on YouTube

One of my favorite moments from any TV show, ever. Vivian serves it.

2. When She Won't Take Any Of Phil's Nonsense

Looks like you'll you have to vacuum your own home, Phil. Viv's gonna be out dancing.

3. When She Educates Some Strangers On Proper Behavior

jacksun12 on YouTube

When Vivian tells you to do something, you don't answer back. You just damn well do it.

4. When She's Totally Shady, But It's Hilarious

Clearly, Vivian serves her breakfast muffins and orange juice with a side slice of dry humor. And that's the kind of balanced meal that sets you up for the day, folks.

5. When She Perfectly Channels The Powers Of Tina Turner

Raphael Valim on YouTube

I mean, just look at her. Totally dominating that scene.

6. When Her Seduction Skills Are On Fire

SilkSatin Paradise on YouTube

Dear Phil: When a beautiful woman wears an expensive and alluring ensemble and makes her intentions to you clear, do not leave the room to go and talk to your mother.

7. When She Reminds Will About The Importance Of Studying History

And at this moment, all of us just want to worship her.

8. In Fact, Whenever She's Proud Of Her Heritage

Guys, she was beyond inspiring to me as a child.

9. When She Isn't Afraid To Take On The Law

Gemma Mayes on YouTube

It doesn't matter who you are or what authority you hold, you do not mess with a woman like Vivian. Her power in this scene is everything.

10. When She Catches Carlton Stripping And Tells Him Off From The Audience

SDApples1 on YouTube

Such a mom move. But also so wondrously ferocious that you worry for Carlton's well being.

11. When She Serves The Best Joke About Phil

Nah, that's it. I'm dead.

12. When She Serves Up A Brutal Joke About Him


13. When She's Absolutely Savage About Her Capabilities

Be right back. I'm off to paint this sentiment on the back of one of my biker jackets, just so the public knows not to mess with me.

14. When She Gets Super Excited About Skipping Rope

jacksun12 on YouTube

And you just want to watch her and Will do that all day long.

15. When She Makes A Pretty Bold Admission About Her Sex Life

Gemma Mayes on YouTube

I might be wrong, but it definitely seems like Vivian should be enjoying a fine martini and biting a cherry off a stem while she responds to her sister on this one.

16. When She Fights For Her Daughter With The Best Comeback Lines Ever

Gemma Mayes on YouTube

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: You do not mess with Vivian.

Do you feel totally pumped for life right now? Because I do. Watching all of these moments makes me feel as though I could take on the entire world if I wanted to.