17 Gifts That Are Cheap, Funny, & Still Look Like You Put A Lot Of Thought Into Them

by Megan Grant

If you've ever shopped for a present for someone else, you probably noticed three different directions you could go in: something expensive and fancy, something totally practical and necessary, or something cheap but hilarious. Because so many of us are broke, and also can't bring ourselves to buy a friend a pack of toilet paper even though we know they just ran out, we often go with the latter of the three. Cheap and funny gifts in 2017 may just the best kind, because they put a big grin on the face of the recipient, and they don't keep you up at night sick to your stomach with buyer's remorse.

And I'm not just talking super cheap gag gifts, here. Some of this is seriously nice stuff you can get for a real bargain. I'm talking handmade soap, personalized wine labels, and gorgeous home decor. It's just a coincidence that not only are they budget-friendly, but they'll give you a good laugh, too.

Whether someone's got a birthday coming up or the holidays are approaching, know that there's always something silly and affordable (but still a nice gift!) out there that your special friend or relative will fall in love with. Here are 18 gifts ideas that will make any giftee's day better — and yours, too, because you'll still have grocery money after buying them. #Win.


Soap For Introverts

This is just one of many hilarious soap options from the Whiskey River Soap Co. They also have soap for writer's block, stoners, and Debbie Downers, among others — meaning there's a special soap for everyone in your life. Grab a bar for less than $10 a pop.

Introvert Soap, $32, Whiskey River Soap Co.


Get Along With Your Coworkers Gum

Does your BFF hate her co-workers? So do a lot of us! Grab her a pack of Get Along With Your Co-Workers Gum to help her survive the workday, in all her minty freshness.

Get Along With Your Co-Workers Gum, $2, Off The Wagon


I Am Very Busy Phone Case

Do you know someone who's, like, very busy? She's probably always attached to her phone, too — making this I Am Very Busy phone case from the perfect gift.

I Am Very Busy Phone Case, $32,


You've Been Poisoned Mug

Nothing will ruin your pal's morning coffee quite like this. Hilarious? Absolutely.

You've Been Poisoned Mug, $16, This Is Why I'm Broke


This 'Stranger Things' Nosebleed Candle

Is there a Stranger Things mega fan in your life? They'll love this candle that looks like Eleven. As the red wax starts to melt, it drips out of the nose and is basically amazing.

Eleven Candle, $40, Firebox


Unicorn Bandages

Unicorns are all the rage right now, and these Enchanted Unicorn Bandages are perfect for the special pal in your life. They're guaranteed to add a little glitter and rainbow magic to anyone's day.

Enchanted Unicorn Bandages, $9, Always Fits


The PMS Package

Why not help your friend or loved one out with her flow? The PMS Package is a subscription box that starts at $29.99, and it comes with all sorts of goodies — like feminine wipes, heating pads, and the best snacks and treats all menstruating women craving during that time of the month. Periods just got a little easier. A little.

The PMS Package, $30, PMS Package


Reptar Bars

Reptar! We want Reptar! Reptar! Remember going to the mall in the '90s and stopping by FYE (For Your Entertainment, duh)? Now, you have a reason to go back: they started selling Reptar Bars, and they actually turn your tongue green. While prices could potentially vary based on location, it looks like they're selling for around $2.99 each. This will take your gal pals back to their youth and put a HUGE smile on their faces.

Reptar Bars, $70 for 24 pack, FYE


The Most Beautiful Wine Glass Ever

Bed Bath & Beyond knows the proper way to drink wine. For the vino lover in your life, buy this wine bottle glass – it'll be the best $10 you've ever spent.

Wine Bottle Glass, $10, Bed Bath & Beyond


Poop Emoji Earrings

2017 was the year of poop. It's everywhere. We're all (understandably) obsessed with the poop emoji, so these poop emoji earrings make the perfect prezzie for someone you love, for the small price of $7.24, thanks to CleopatraCandy.

Poop Emoji Earrings, $7, CleopatraCandy


Funny Wine Labels

Do these custom wine labels describe us perfectly or what? These are bound to give anyone a good laugh. Plus, wine. Buy em' online for around $10.30 on Etsy, made by iCustomWine.

Custom Wine Labels, $10, Etsy


You Are F*cking Amazing Candle

We know you know someone in your life who needs this epic candle. Who doesn't love profanity-laced scented candles? You can find this online for just $8.00 from YouJustGotBurnedCo.

You Are Amazing Candle, $8, YouJustGotBurnedCo


This Totally Accurate Notebook

For less than $7, you can remind your boo about all the things youv'e been right about since you started dating. Thanks, Alfamarama!

I Was Right Notebook, $7, Alfamarama


This Completely Necessary Pillow

Every home needs one of these. It's just polite. Never again will you have to play the awkward "Don't sit there" dance with some lame excuse about how you haven't vacuumed the dog hair from it yet. This can be yours for about $17.00, for sale by HollyRosePrints.

We Had Sex Near Here Pillow, $17, HollyRosePrints


Stickers For Grown-Ups

For less than $9 on Amazon, you can congratulate a fellow adult on one of their remarkable achievements, like thinking about working out. We all deserve a pat on the back.

Stickers For Grown Ups, $9, Amazon


This Epic Coloring Book

Grab the Sweary Coloring Book from PixieRahDesigns so your friend can color in all the words she usually can't say out loud. Adult coloring books are always a good idea. Get this perfect gift for a measly $6.00.

Sweary Coloring Book, $6, Etsy


Bring Me Wine Socks

A subtle but effective way to ask someone nearby to give you a refill? We can totally get behind this. Buy this on Amazon for $13 and make somebody's life infinitely better.

If You Can Read This Socks, $13, Amazon