17 Curl Enhancers For Natural Hair To Define Each & Every Coil

As much as I love a good twist out, finger coil, or flexi rod set, there's nothing quite like rocking my own corkscrew curls. Equipped with my go-to curl enhancers for defining natural hair, I can transform frizzy bedhead into a shiny, coily spectacle.

I take it as a compliment when my hair is mistaken for a wig. It lets me know that I'm using natural hair products that actually work well for my mane. There's certainly a definer that can amplify your texture, too, whether you have loose S-shaped curls or tightly coiled Z-shaped kinks. Above all, the key to healthy looking curls is keeping your strands as hydrated as possible. So, the best curl creams will have hold and moisturizing ingredients. Complimented with a nourishing cleansing and conditioning regimen, the right curl maker can add pizazz to your mane with no rollers, rods, or extra styling necessary.

It can take a bit of trial and error to discover that holy grail product that hydrates and shapes your curls to perfection. To help narrow your search, check out 17 of the best curly hair products that give curl type 3 and 4 spirals beautiful hold.