Easy & Fun Oscar 2017 Party Ideas

I’m sure we all have our separate opinions on who is going to win big at the 2017 Oscars, but no matter your opinion there is one thing we can all settle on: The Academy Awards is a party night for all of us. And if you decide last minute that you want to throw a party, don’t worry, these easy Oscar party ideas will have you covered.

I put together ideas that require a bit of crafting and creativity — but they're also all things that won’t require a ton of time to put together. For example, I found these amazing printable signs for a Popcorn Bar to have at your party (because movies goes with popcorn like peanut butter goes with jelly), printable cut outs for an easy photo booth area, and of course, bingo cards to keep you awake for the long night ahead.

It’s completely up to you how upscale you want to have this shindig be. I did throw in a red carpet into the mix, so you could require your guests to dress up and walk in on the red carpet. Maybe even ask someone to play paparazzi, or a reporter, as your friends walk in — it could be a fun way to make it even more festive. Or, if you want to have the red carpet entrance be entirely in pajamas, that’s super cool too. I mean, it’s your party, you got the power!

Here’s how to throw together a super easy, yet awesome, last-minute Oscar party.

Popcorn Bar

Popcorn Bar Printables, $30, Etsy

If you’re watching an award show about a movie, then you should probably have popcorn, right? Throw together a huge bucket of popcorn with some spices and candies to throw in to your very own bag. Or, make a few recipes of your own to minimize the mess by trying these four recipes below!

Salted Dark Chocolate

You can’t ever go wrong with a salted dark chocolate snack on your food table. This recipe by The Kitchn will be the perfect addition to your popcorn bar.

Champagne Caramel Popcorn

This popcorn recipe by How Sweet Eats is incredibly relevant to the events of the day! Why? Champagne, duh.

Herb Lemon Buttered Popcorn

A savory flavor to go with the sugary bunch by Big Girls Small Kitchen.

Brown Sugar Sriracha Sesame Popcorn

And for something a little bit different, try this crazy recipe of sweet and spicy with How Sweet Eats!

Popcorn Containers

Popcorn Containers (set of 4), $6.30, Amazon

Offer these iconic popcorn containers at your popcorn bar, just like at the movies!

Oscar Cookies

Set up superlatives for all of your guests and have an award ceremony of your own with these cute Oscar cookies by Love U Madly. If you need an Oscar award statue cookie cut out, grab this cheap one from Amazon.

Black & White Dipped Pretzels

All the men be dressed in tuxes, so celebrate the black tie affair with these black and white chocolate dipped pretzels by Joy the Baker.

Black Tie Cupcakes

You can also make these Black Tie Cupcakes by My Baking Addiction to go along with the black tie themed food table.

Movie Night Cupcake Wrappers

Movie Night Cupcake Wrappers (50 piece), $8.65, Amazon

Make those cupcakes festive with these adorable wraps and toothpick decorations.

“The Lincoln” White Whiskey Margarita

For the over 21s, The Kitchn put together this cocktail in celebration of Daniel Day Lewis’ performance as Abraham Lincoln in Lincoln back in 2012, which he won an Oscar for in 2013. Celebrate this iconic movie with simple white whiskey margarita.

Oscars Bingo

During the ceremony, give each member of the party a bingo card to play during the event. For a variety of cards, here’s some printable cards by Punch Bowl, Bidvine, HGTV, Julie Blanner, and Jessica Jones Design.

Oscar Award For The Bingo Winner

Oscar Award Trophy, $10.99, Walmart

Hand this to the Bingo winner of the evening! If it ends up being a tie, then whip out some Oscars trivia. Last person standing wins.

Red Carpet Runner

Red Carpet Runner, $6.51, Amazon

Looking for something easy to wow your guests? Grab a red carpet runner to have along your driveway or your apartment hallway, so your guests get the royal treatment like any other A-lister.

Oscar Awards Photo Booth

Oscar Awards Party Printable, $5, Etsy

Download these Oscar Awards printable and glue them onto sticks for an awesome photo booth!

Plastic Gold Fringe Curtain

Plastic Gold Fringe Curtain, $18.99, Oriental Trading Company

An affordable backdrop to go with your photo booth!

Bubbly Bar

Bubbly Bar Banner, $19.50, Etsy

For some reason I feel like champagne just goes really well with popcorn and candy, which is essentially what you’ll be snacking on at this party. Set up a Bubbly bar with some bottles of champagne, some juices (orange juice, lemonade, cranberry juice, and more), and some fresh fruit to drop into your flutes!