17 'Everwood' Guest Stars You Totally Forgot About, From Kristen Bell To Betty White

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Everwood might have been a show about a small town, but boy, was that town packed with celebs. Over the course of The WB's family medical drama's four seasons, Everwood played host to many big names — some already huge stars, others stars in the making. Even those of you who know the show like the back of your own hands will find a few surprises in this list of 17 Everwood guest stars you totally forgot about.

Now, some of these guest stars were on Everwood for as many as 15 episodes, but most only popped up in one or two, making them not only true guest stars, but also slightly more forgettable for casual fans. The guest stars fans are most likely to remember are the ones who guest starred on Everwood only to star in a CW show years later — your Justin Baldoni, for example. But then there are the more obscure guest stars, like pre-Fantastic Four Kate Mara, that even the most avid Everwood fans have either forgotten about, or just didn't realize at the time would end up taking over Hollywood. Whether or not you remember everyone on the list, taking a look at these famous Everwood guest stars will, if nothing else, be the trip down memory lane you need right now.


Kristen Bell As Stacey Wilson

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Kristen Bell guest starred as Stacey Wilson, an Everwood cheerleader who hurts her wrist after taking a bad fall, in the Season 2 episode "Extra Ordinary." This was just one year before she would star in her own teen show, Veronica Mars.


Paul Wesley As Tommy Callahan

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Paul Wesley, then known as Paul Wasilewski, appeared in nine episodes of Everwood's Season 2 as Tommy Callahan, a bad boy who is sweet around Amy, but deals drugs on the side.


Justin Baldoni As Reid Bardem

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Recurring guest star Justin Baldoni played Reid Bardem in Everwood's final season. Reid was a cute medical student who briefly dated Amy, threatening her relationship with Ephram, and lived with Bright before flunking out of school and attempting to commit suicide. Baldoni's arc on Everwood was almost as dramatic his life playing Rafael on Jane the Virgin is now.


Steven R. McQueen As Kyle Hunter

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Before he was cast alongside Paul Wesley in The CW hit The Vampire Diaries, Steven R. McQueen played Kyle Hunter, a prodigy piano player, in Season 4.


James Earl Jones As Will Cleveland

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Darth Vader himself, James Earl Jones appeared in two episodes of Everwood during the series' Season 2, playing Will Cleveland, a miner who is injured when a local mine collapses.


Jane Krakowski As Dr. Gretchen Trott

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In between her starring roles in Ally McBeal and 30 Rock, Jane Krakowski traveled to Everwood to play Dr. Gretchen Trott in two episodes of the show's first season.


Charlie Weber As Jay

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Years before he was killing college coeds on How To Get Away With Murder, Charlie Weber just wanted to rock with Madison on Everwood. He appeared in five episodes of Season 2 as her bandmate Jay.


Betty White As Carol Roberts

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Yes, the Betty White actually appeared in two episodes of Everwood Season 2, playing Carol Roberts, aka Bright and Amy's maternal grandmother. She even shared a dinner table scene with Paul Wesley.


Kate Mara As Kate Morris

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Two years before her breakout role in Brokeback Mountain, Kate Mara guest starred in two episodes of Everwood Season 1 as Kate Morris, one of Ephram's classmates.


Melinda Clarke As Sally Keyes

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The O.C.'s Melinda Clarke appeared on one episode of Everwood's very first season playing Sally Keyes, the wife of a reverend who thinks her husband is allergic to her.


Tim DeKay As Reverend Keyes

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Tim DeKay might be best known for playing an agent of the law in White Collar, but before he was chasing bad guys, he played Reverend Keyes — the husband who might be allergic to his wife. (Spoiler alert: he's not.)


Ernie Hudson As Bill Hoover

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Ernie Hudson took a break from busting ghosts to appear in one Season 3 episode of Everwood as Bill Hoover, a man who comes into the doctor's office with his wife.


Elizabeth Mitchell As Sara Beck

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Season 3 of Everwood also saw a brief visit from future Lost star Elizabeth Mitchell. Mitchell played Sara Beck, a mother who catches Andy's eye when she brings her teenage son into his office.


Olesya Rulin As The Drunk Girl

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Olesya Rulin played "The Drunk Girl" in a Season 2 episode of Everwood. She would later go on to play a piano playing theater geek in the High School Musical franchise.


Ryan Hurst As Ed Carnahan

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Fans of Remember the Titans might think this photo is a still from the film, but it's actually from the Season 4 Everwood episode he appeared in. Like his character in the classic football movie, Ed Carnahan is also recovering from a car accident.


Victoria Justice As Thalia Thompson

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Baby Victoria Justice played a mean girl bullying Delia and her friend in the Season 4 episode "Enjoy the Ride."


J.K. Simmons As Phil Drebbles

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Finally, Oscar winner J.K. Simmons actually appeared in one episode of Everwood Season 2. Simmons played Phil Drebbles, a car mechanic and salesman over a decade prior to winning his Best Supporting Actor Oscar in 2015.

Everwood: small town, big stars.