11 Reasons Why Bright & Hannah Were The Real OTP Of 'Everwood'

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Over the course of four seasons, Everwood was basically the Ephram and Amy show. For many fans, they were the couple, the one that made them believe in love, but other fans know the truth: Bright and Hannah were the real Everwood OTP. No, they weren't there for the whole four seasons, and no, they didn't even end up together in the end, but their relationship was more pure and fun than Amy and Ephram's ever was.

For the first two seasons of Everwood, Bright, as played by a pre-Marvel, pre-Parks and Recreation Chris Pratt, was the lovable doofus of the show. Amy's older brother was more interested in getting girls and having fun than doing any emotional heavy lifting (in other words, he was the opposite of broody Ephram). And for those two years, Bright's lack of a good love story let Amy and Ephram's roller coaster romance take center stage. But all of that changed when Hannah (a pre-Grey's Anatomy Sarah Drew) came to town in Season 3.

Unlike Amy and Ephram, Hannah and Bright didn't start out their relationship because one of them had a boyfriend that needed saving (RIP Colin). Instead they had a much more traditional high school young love, starting with an embarrassing crush and an adorable friendship. It took them a while to find their way, but eventually they became one of the sweetest couples on television. And this simplicity is just one of the 11 reasons Bright and Hannah are Everwood's OTP.

They Aren't Perfect, And They Know It

Once Bright and Hannah finally get together, they still have a lot of growing pains to get through, but they embrace them. Bright is a total relationship newbie when they start dating, and he and Hannah are able to talk it out. They don't always have such a clear approach to their issues, but they do manage to jet past some early relationship problems.

Hannah Brings Out Bright's Sensitive Side

Bright is always sensitive, but he isn't always into showing it. With Hannah, however, he really lets his guard down.

Bright Loves That Hannah Is Smarter Than Him

Hannah is basically the smartest person on the show, and Bright is, famously, not, but instead of being intimidated, Bright loves it.

They Embrace First Kiss Awkwardness

"I feel sweaty." These are Hannah's words following the couple's first official kiss. Adorable, sweet, perfect.

Hannah Always Puts Bright In His Place

Before they start dating, Bright takes advantage of Hannah's crush on him, and she is not having it. It's always nice to see a couple that forces each other to own up to their mistakes.

Bright Grows Up For Hannah

On a similar note, Bright grows more as a character in his time with Hannah than ever before, and for big fans, it's super exciting to watch.

Bright Helps Hannah Love Herself

Hearts everywhere melt when Bright insists that Hannah see her own beauty. Anyone who has ever felt insecure knows it's one thing to have someone tell you they love you, but it's another thing entirely when they encourage you to love yourself.

Hannah Cooks, Bright Eats

Ok, this reason is simple: Bright loves food, Hannah loves to cook. They're basically a match made in heaven.


After learning that Hannah might have to move away, Bright decides to throw her a prom in Everwood before she leaves so that she can have the night she's dreamed of. It's just the perfect romantic gesture and — I'm not crying, you're crying, OK?!

They Don't Have To Be Together To Be The OTP

Bright and Hannah start their relationship as friends, and that's how their love develops, so when they break up, they are still close, even when they aren't speaking to each other.

They Are Best Friends First & Forever

Everwood ends with Bright and Hannah still broken up, but it doesn't even really matter. Fans of the couple know that they would've gotten back together in the end because they're always friends first and foremost. They wouldn't grow apart or go through years not speaking to each other because they're best friends, and that's what makes them work.

Bright, Hannah, you will always be Everwood's one true pairing, and don't you ever forget it.