17 Feminist Healthcare Rally Sign Ideas That Perfectly Showcase The Power Of Women

Mario Tama/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Given the current state of the world, it's easy to feel like we are living in a nightmare that we can never wake up from. The ongoing war from the Republican party to repeal and replace Obamacare has contributed to much of that horror. In efforts led by President Trump and Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell, the GOP has presented multiple variations of bills that will take away the healthcare from 22 million, or more, Americans.

This is an outrageous move from the right that began seven years ago when Obamacare first came in to being. The fight against our healthcare has gone on much too long and, this Saturday, an immense stand will be taken to fight back. The Women's March is partnering with Our Lives On The Line, a pro-Obamacare group that's working to increase action against the Republican health care bill, to promote a series of rallies across the country.

The organizations are encouraging supporters to "show up on a busy street corner" on Saturday and "make some noise" about the GOP's hurtful efforts. This is a great way to allow anyone, regardless of location, to get involved in the efforts. If you're thinking about attending a rally see a list of locations here and, if none are conveniently located to you, organize your own local event.

If the GOP has it's way, women — along with countless others — will not be covered for so many necessary things. Take a stand this Saturday and remind Washington that they won't get away with stealing our healthcare from us. Check out these powerful feminist sign ideas for the healthcare rally.

1Women Are Warriors

2We Won't Go Back

3Respect The Women Around You

4Women Will Lead The Fight

5She'd Stand Up Proudly

6Fighting An Intersectional Fight

7We All Need Care

8We Just Want What We Deserve

9Give Us Our Birth Control

10We All Must Rise Up

11We Will Not Accept These Actions

12Stating The Truth

13Be A Hermoine In A World Of Voldemorts

14Everyone Deserves A Future They Can Count On

15You Will Never Silence Us

16For Your Grandma

17We Are All Someone

Get involved and fight for yours, and everyone else's, right to affordable healthcare. Every life matters and everyone deserves an equal opportunity to have one. Stay strong and fight on.