17 Personalized Gift Ideas For Your Boss That You Can Still Buy

by Kaitlyn Wylde

Finding the right gift for your boss can feel like the biggest feat of all during the holiday season. You know you won't actually get fired if you get a present they don't like, but it certainly feels like you could. And no matter what anyone says, getting your boss a personalized gift, especially last-minute will certainly put you in the good graces of anyone.

So, no pressure, but you'll find that to get your boss something that's personalized, thoughtful, and impressive last-minute is sort of tough. (To be clear, impressive is not synonymous with expensive. Impressive just means that the gift will stand out for your boss!) It can be done, though — simply by listening to what your boss comments that they need, and doing your research. You want to get your boss something they'll actually use, and no offense, but a desk frame is probably just going to end up getting re-gifted. The goal should be to get a gift that falls within their line of interests, or is functional.

And for brownie points, you'll want to get it monogrammed. Nothing says personalized like having someone's initials etched into something, so pull out all the stops and find the time to order your boss a gift and get it monogrammed. Just, you know, make sure you know your bosses initials...

Here's a list of excellent go-to monogrammable gifts to impress your boss this holiday season:

Cutting Board


Most adults have cutting boards, but they're usually filled with carving marks and food stains. So this chic upgrade will surely be appreciated.

Custom Cutting Board, $21, Etsy

Whiskey Glass


If you know your boss has a taste for whiskey, they'll be glad to have a personalized glass to add into their bar cart.

Personalized Custom Whiskey Glass, $20, Etsy

Golf Ball Display Case


If your boss is a golf fanatic, they will be very stoked to see their initials on a display set of golf balls. It's function and decor.

Personalized Golf Balls & Display Case, $36, Etsy

Phone Case


I personally believe you can never have enough phone cases — they're always cracking or getting dirty. So get your boss a festive and personalized case for the holidays.

Personalized iPhone Case, $34, Etsy

Oven Mits


Whether your boss loves cooking or merely has a kitchen, they'll likely be happy to have a fresh, non-cheese crusted pair of oven mitts with their initials on them. It's classy and thoughtful.

Set of Oven Mitts & Pot Holders, $12, Etsy

Plaid Scarf


You can never have enough plaid scarves during the holiday season, and your boss can avoid scarf mix-ups by having a scarf with their initials monogrammed.

Monogrammed Plaid Scarf, $20, Etsy

Tie Clip


It's professional, it's classy, and it's a great gift. Just make sure your boss actually wears a tie.

Sterling Silver Engraved Tie Clip, $69, Etsy



Everyone loves a Yeti! So, why wouldn't they love a fancy looking Yeti with their name on it?

Monogrammed Yeti Lowball, $30, Etsy

Twee Charging Dock


It looks like a nice piece of wood but it will charge all of your Apple products, and will come engraved with initials. It's the perfect desktop companion.

Apple Charging Dock, $, Etsy



You can never have enough stationary during the holiday season. Your boss will be grateful to have something to thank you with.

Custom Note Cards, $15, Etsy

Cup & Saucer


While everyone's gifting each other mugs that will only be re-gifted, step the game up and get your boss a gorgeous and elegant tea cup and saucer.

Large Monogrammed Breakfast Cup & Saucer, $20, Etsy

Travel Jewelry Case

Mark & Graham

This cute leather travel organizer is great for keeping jewelry untangled and organized on the go.

Leather Monogrammed Jewelry Case, $59, Mark & Graham

Passport Case

Mark & Graham

Even if your boss already has a passport case, they'll appreciate this updated, mirrored case that will hold more than just a passport.

Mirror Passport Case, $35, Mark & Graham

Catch All

Mark & Graham

For the boss who has a cluttered desk, this catch all will be a cute and organizational addition to the clutter.

Travel Catch All, $39, Mark & Graham

iPhone Charging Bracelet

Mark & Graham

I think this is the most genius thing to ever be invented. It's jewelry, and it's a phone charger. Buy it for everyone you know to change their lives and charge their phones.

iPhone Charging Bracelet, $149, Mark & Graham


Mark & Graham

These printed trays are great for so many things. You can use it to organize your desk space, add it to your bar cart, organize your jewelry in it, or use it as a meal tray. Plus, these are super festive.

Printed Laquer Tray, $40, Mark & Graham

Cocktail Shaker

Mark & Graham

Even if your boss doesn't seem like the hosting type, they've probably got a bar cart that they'd like to add this to — it's beautiful.

Hostess Cocktail Shaker, $49, Mark & Graham