17 Lois Lane Quotes That Are Totally You

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Smallville ended its run in 2011, but the show's influence is still evident today. The current influx of superhero TV shows is, in part, thanks to Smallville's success. The Superman origin story, which was on air for 10 beautiful seasons, introduced us to some unforgettable characters, like Clark Kent's bestie Chloe Sullivan. But, by far, the best character on Smallville had to be Lois Lane, as portrayed by Erica Durance. Despite Lois being well-established in canon, Durance made the character all her own and made some very important changes, too. Which is why there are so many Lois Lane quotes that perfectly describe your every mood.

What made Durance's version of Lois Lane so great was her attitude. From her constant teasing of Clark to her background as the daughter of a General in the military, Lois knew how to take care of herself and protect those closest to her. As Chloe's cousin, she was instantly welcomed into the gang, and proved herself an asset to the team. While Lois's romantic relationship with Clark took a long time to blossom, especially as Lana kept resurfacing, it was well worth the wait to see the couple finally get together. Here are some of Lois Lane's best quotes for your enjoyment, because they're so, so relatable.

1. "Call Me Crazy, But I've Always Been A Firm Believer That Beauty, It's On The Inside."

Lois is all about inner beauty, and I salute that.

2. "I Can Be Loud, And At Times I'm A Little Bossy."

Lois has a keen self-awareness and isn't afraid to be her real self at all times, which is a total inspiration.

3. "I'd Rather Be In Some Sand Blown Purgatory With You Than In The Hell Of Never Knowing If I'll Ever See You Again."

When it comes to romance, Lois is all in. She's not afraid to make a grand gesture for the person she loves.

4. "Guess I'm A Sucker For Stray Dogs And Naked Men... OK, That Didn't Come Out Right."

Lois Lane has her priorities in check, and they're probably the same as yours.

5. "I'm Just Not Comfortable With Uncomfortable Silence And You're Not Exactly Keeping Up With Your End Of The Conversation."

Lois demands her worth, and so should you.

6. "Spread That Rumor And You Can Expect My Fist In Your Face."

Physical violence isn't the answer, but Lois can most definitely stand up for herself. And so can you.

7. "Listen, Squid Lips..."

This could possibly be the best insult of all time and should inspire you to get linguistically playful.

8. "Clark Kent And Karaoke. Isn't That One Of The Signs Of The Apocalypse?"

When in doubt, use sarcasm.

9. "A Couple More Hugs And Maybe You'll Have The 'Bah Humbugs' Squeezed Out Of You."

Christmas cheer, all year round.

10. "You Can Save Your Holier-Than-Thou, Made For TV Platitudes, And Drown Them In Some Holy Water, Mister."

What she said, verbatim.

11. "And I Thought Those Sex And The City Girls Had Gaudy Taste."

Mr. Big was trash, right?

12. "Look, I Know It Sounds Crazy, But I'm Just Afraid That My Big Mouth Is Going To Wreck Our Relationship One Day."

Relating to Lois so hard right now. This is a daily concern.

13. "My Head Is Pounding Like A Mosh Pit, And My Mouth Tastes Like Armpit."

When your hangover is too real.

14. "You Have Been Cashing In On So Many Rain Checks Recently That I Am Soaking Wet With Disappointment."

When you've heard one too many excuses.

15. "I'm Eating A Maple Doughnut, And You're Kind Of Invading My Personal Space."


16. "Stop Beating Yourself Up. You're Not Alone In This. The Truth Is, We Could All Die Tomorrow."

Sometimes, we all need to put things into perspective and stop being so hard on ourselves.

17. "I Don't Even Know How To Get Huffy, OK? I Do Happy. I Do Sad. I Do 'Stop Giving Me The Runaround, B*tch, Or I Will Come For You'."


Smallville's Lois Lane is a constant inspiration, and I'd love to see Durance reprise the role again one day. She is the one true Lois.