12 Ways Chloe Sullivan Changed From The Pilot To The Finale Of 'Smallville'

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Even though Smallville ended in 2011, the show is still widely regarded as one of the best incarnations of Superman to hit our screens. Arguably, the reason there are now so many superhero shows on TV is thanks to the success of Smallville, which proved that comic books can translate well into a modern TV format. I have a soft spot for so many characters on the classic CW show, including Tom Welling's Clark whenever he took his top off, which was often. But as kick-ass characters go, Clark Kent's best friend was iconic, and Chloe Sullivan in Smallville changed from the pilot to the finale in several ways.

One of the most significant changes involved her undying love for Clark Kent, which even she thought she would be stuck with forever. Eventually, as the series progressed, Chloe dated other people and came to the realization that Clark wasn't the one for her. Importantly, Chloe Sullivan was a feminist with a strong sense of self-worth who was smart beyond belief. Her aptitude for journalism helped Clark make his way into the printed word, and her cousin Lois had a huge impact on everyone's lives.

Chloe was integral to Smallville, and the ways in which she changed influenced the show so much. Actor Allison Mack should be in everything, as far as I'm concerned, and Chloe definitely deserved a spinoff.

1. She Turned Her Hobby Into A Career

Chloe's role as editor of the school newspaper was central to the first few seasons of Smallville. Even though she made a trade with Lionel Luther to score her job at the Daily Planet, Chloe's inquisitive nature made her a passionate writer.

2. Her Relationship With Clark Evolved

Chloe came to realize that Clark's trust was worth more than any romance. As his confidant, Chloe supported the superhero and kept his secret, despite never achieving the romantic relationship she'd once hoped for.

3. She Opened Herself Up To Love

Being in love with Clark Kent for most of her life hindered Chloe's romantic prospects. Eventually, though, Chloe connected with Oliver Queen, otherwise known as Green Arrow. And who can blame her, when Smallville's Oliver Queen was played by Justin Hartley from This Is Us? The couple even got married and had a son together.

4. She Learned To Use Her Skills To Help Others

Chloe's amazing investigative talents didn't go unnoticed, and were ultimately what led her to become the Watchtower. From her Metropolis apartment, Chloe coordinated superhero missions for Clark Kent, Green Arrow, and the rest of their team. Impressive.

5. She Dealt With Loss

Smallville served up some devastating deaths in its 10-season run, one of which was the loss of the beloved Jimmy Olsen. Chloe's relationship with Jimmy was rarely smooth, with the couple's relationship ending in divorce. But before he died, the pair reconciled, as Jimmy finally understood why Chloe was so protective of Clark after learning his secret.

6. She Was Forced To Handle Herself In Life-Threatening Situations

When you hang around Clark Kent, trouble is going to find you. Chloe often found herself in the middle of life or death situations and gradually learnt to defend herself.

7. She Developed Super Powers Of Her Own

Chloe's healing powers often came in useful.

8. She Became Independent

Moving into an apartment in the city and losing her father forced Chloe to become independent at a young age.

9. She Kept Clark's Secret, And Continued To Keep It

Despite every difficulty she faced, Chloe kept Clark's secret and protected him in any way that she could. Throughout Smallville, she only got better at keeping secrets, and protecting those around her.

10. She Put Her Family And Friends Before Herself

When she realized the chemistry between Lois and Clark was real, she didn't stand in the way of her cousin and her best friend. She wanted them to be happy, which took some major strength of character on Chloe's part.

11. She Developed A Major Case Of #HairGoals

Chloe's signature blonde bob was never cuter than when it was crimped or curled. Stealing this look right now.

12. She Never Gave Up

Most of us would run away really fast if the craziness of Smallville started happening around us. Not Chloe, though. She stuck it out and became a stronger person as a result. Chloe learned that the people that surround a superhero are just as important when it comes to getting the job done and saving lives.

I've totally got my fingers crossed that a Chloe Sullivan spinoff will one day happen. Whatever Clark's BFF is up to, it's sure to be incredible.