17 Memes & Jokes That Make Beyoncé's Photo With Her Twins Even More Iconic

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

On Friday, Beyoncé published a photo of her cradling her gorgeous twins, and the internet promptly lost its mind. And, of course, immediately began doing what it does best: coming up with memes and jokes about Beyoncé's twins photo. And how could you blame the digital subconscious that is the world wide web for getting a little overexcited? In an era in which people can be increasingly casual about significant life events, this snap is an oasis in the desert. Beyoncé has zero chill and she doesn't care who knows it.

Professional photographer? Check. Elaborate floral arrangement behind her giving her a halo of blooms? Check. Ocean view, because she's living her best life? Check. Full length veil? Check. Unbelievable silk underwear and flowing dress sleeves even though she's presumably sleep deprived and looking after infants? You bet. And two babies not one, because she's Beyoncé, godd*mmit? Ch-ch-check.

Perhaps even more intriguing than the visual is the accompanying text, which is fairly cryptic: why does just one twin (Sir) get the Carter moniker while Rumi retains just the first name? Maybe this is just Beyoncé calling it; Rumi's going to be the family superstar and goes by their first name just like Lorde or Madonna might.


Because The Photo Is A Work Of Art

The Birth Of Venus is a pretty gorgeous painting, but you've got to admit that it would have been even better if Botticelli had had the chance to paint Beyoncé, not Venus.


This Question Is Too Real

Hands up if you're rooting for Sir to be "Sir Carter Carter."


When You Have A Deep Personal Connection With Queen B

Better than an alarm clock is Beyoncé's out-of-this-world Instagram presence.


Because Nobody's Perfect, Not Even Beyoncé

It's an indisputably great visual. But in terms of actually showing us those cute babies? Perhaps lacking a little something-something (like a close up on those gorgeous faces).


Because It's One Of Those "Where Were You When...?" Moments

If you're living on the same planet as Bey and want to stay in the digital loop, maybe just give up sleeping?


So That's How She Came Up With The Name Rumi

Finally, a convincing explanation for why one of the twins is (possibly) named after the famous 13th century Persian Sunni Muslim poet and Sufi mystic.


You've Got To Love Those Early Social Media Drops

Shaking the world before it's even light out.


Because You Hate Baby Photos, All Baby Photos... Wait, Apart From This One

Let's be real, the woman could take a photo of herself sneezing and the internet would pass out from delight.


It's Important That You Get This Name Right

Are we all on the same page? GREAT.


Because Life Is A Rich Tapestry And There's Exactly One Person You Need To Thank For That

You know who. No, not Lord Voldemort. Beyoncé.


Because Even Other Celebs Want To Come Worship, Too

When you're a big TV star but you're still dreaming of a Beyoncé-JAY adoption.


Politics Is Important, But...

Beyoncé's big twins reveal is a once in a lifetime event, right? Clean up your act, news organizations. Give the people what they want.


There Was Only One Way This Stunning Photo Could Have Been Improved

Babies are cute. But can they compete with two animated hot dogs? Maybe not.


Imagine A Time Before Beyoncé

Give thanks for residing in the same universe as Queen Bey.


And What About Blue Ivy?

You know this is almost certainly what's happening in the Carter household right now, right?


One Seriously Legitimate Question



When You Don't Have Twins, But You DO Have Carbs

Whatever you're eating today, make sure you pay tribute to Mrs Carter by doubling up.

In an era in which stars are encouraged to use social media to exude a relatable charm, it's hard not to swoon at the very thing some of the people on Twitter are bemoaning: the fact that Beyoncé's being "extra." But isn't that the very point of celebrities? That they're not necessarily living similar lives to their fans and that their over-the-top, charismatic presence (whether offline or online) gives their followers a moment of escapism and glamor?

Besides, this is business as usual. Beyoncé has always been about giving the world 110 percent.