17 Movies On Netflix Every Grown Woman Should See

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It's impossible to watch every movie on Netflix, let alone every movie ever. The site has an overwhelming amount of content. So much so that a night of Netflix and chill is really more of two hours spending trying to determine what to watch and then half hour of chill before you fall asleep. The struggle, my friends, is real. To help narrow down your Netflix search, and provide you with entertainment every woman needs in her life, here are 17 movies on Netflix every grown ass woman needs to see ASAP.

As grown ass women (or, almost grown ass women, as the case may be), there are a lot of things we are told to do. Usually, I wouldn't attempt to add to that list, but if you're a grown woman and there are just some movies you need to see. Some, like Tiny Furniture, might teach you a little bit about yourself, while others, like The Princess Bride, are movies every person — regardless of gender — should see just to remain culturally fluent. (Rest assured, all of the movies will also give you two or so hours of entertainment bliss.) The 17 Netflix movies every adult woman needs to see will make you laugh, make you cry, and definitely make you wake up feeling damn good.


'Tiny Furniture'

For recent college grads, Tiny Furniture can feel a bit too real sometimes, but hopefully it will teach you a few things of how not to be so caught up in the post-college angst.


'Magic Mike'

Because every grown woman deserves to see unrealistically ripped male strippers once in her life.


'Amanda Knox'

Amanda Knox will have you questioning everything you thought you knew about the case, and everything you thought you knew about how women are judged and/or judge each other.


'The Princess Bride'

The Princess Bride is a classic that deserves to be seen, especially in a world where sometimes women can be unfairly ridiculed for enjoying romance and fantasy.


'Blue Jay'

Blue Jay is a truly fun, dramatic, and moving love story. It also stars Sarah Paulson, who is a gift to us all.


'For A Good Time Call...'

For a Good Time Call... will remind you to take risks and take care of your female friendships. In other words: it's gold.



Get ready to have all the feels when you press play on Pariah.


'Chelsea Peretti: One Of The Greats'

Not exactly a movie, Chelsea Peretti's comedy special, One of the Greats is not only a hilarious stand up special, it also features epic take downs of the bro-comedy world. (Bonus: period jokes.)



Another classic, Clueless is a must on everybody's list.


'Frances Ha'

Frances Ha will make the term "undateable" a term of endearment among your friends, and for that I am grateful.



Want to feel good about your high school experience? Watch Heathers and you'll just be thankful your teenage years didn't end in mass murder.


'Happy Christmas'

Happy Christmas will remind grown ass women that it's ok if they don't actually feel so grown all the time.


'Miss Representation'

It's good to be reminded not to take media too seriously, especially when it's constantly trying to tell women what to do, how to look, and what to wear.


'Gentlemen Prefer Blondes'

The musical that made "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend" a classic, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes will let you own it instead of fell stereotyped by it.


'Working Girl'

Watch Working Girl when you're chasing after that corner office, and you'll get inspired at work. (Just don't get inspired by the fashion trends of the '80s.)



Because Jaws is a film that every American movie lover should see.


'She's Beautiful When She's Angry'

Learning about feminist history in America is never a bad idea, and She's Beautiful When She's Angry is a great place to start.


'Bridget Jones's Diary'

And, finally, Bridget Jones's Diary, is a must see because it's just plain fun, and all grown ass women deserve a little fun now and again.

These movies are a great place to start, but don't forget that part of being a grown ass woman is making your own decisions, and that includes what to watch on Netflix.