17 Romantic 2018 Movies You'll Be Swooning Over All Year Long

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As sure as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, Hollywood will continue to make romantic movies. Whether they're action flicks, dramatic tearjerkers, or straightforward rom-coms, romantic movies are here to stay. And if these 17 romantic 2018 movies to get excited about are any indication, then Hollywood has no intentions of stopping itself from pulling on your heartstrings. Now, it's still early in the year, so there's plenty of time for some surprise romances to pop up in theaters, or for some of the most anticipated movies to be delayed, but, these 17 romantic movies of 2018 are, thus far, all planning for 2018 release dates. Let's hope they all stay that way.

Obviously, some of the most highly anticipated movies of 2018, like Black Panther, Ant Man and the Wasp, Aquaman — aka the superhero movies — will feature romance on the side. But in the movies listed below, romance takes the lead. 2018 will be full of romance doomed by circumstance (The Leisure Seeker), romance doomed by science fiction threats (Annihilation), romance with a side of BDSM (Fifty Shades Freed), and, perhaps the most important of them all, teenage romance (Love, Simon). In short: the romantic 2018 movies will definitely put your heart through the ringer.


'The Leisure Seeker' — Jan. 19

Based on the novel by Michael Zadoorian, The Leisure Seeker tells the story of an older couple, played by Donald Sutherland and Helen Mirren, as they jump in their RV and travel around the country. Sounds whimsical, but be sure to bring tissues to this one because the heart of the plot involves John's (Sutherland) struggle with Alzheimer's and Ella's (Mirren) cancer.


'The Clapper' — Jan 26

The Clapper is a more lighthearted, but dark romantic comedy about a man, Eddie (Ed Helms) who falls in love with the woman who works at his local gas station, Judy (Amanda Seyfried). Their love story, however, is put in jeopardy when Eddie becomes a pop culture sensation and the attention threatens to ruin his life.


'Fifty Shades Freed' — Feb. 9

The conclusion to the Fifty Shades saga, Fifty Shades Freed will see Ana and Christian's newlywed bliss threatened by some pretty dark and psychotic outside forces, like Ana's old boss Jack. Expect some hot sex scenes, a few ridiculous lines of dialogue, and plenty of drama to satisfy your most extra romantic impulses.


'Every Day' — Feb. 23

Every Day is a YA adapted romance about a teenage girl who falls in love with a soul, who just so happens to wake up in a different body every single day. It will have your 12-year-old self simultaneously screaming and sobbing, just as any YA romance should.


'Annihilation' — Feb. 23

OK, Annihilation is probably more sci-fi fantasy than it is romance, but the entire plot of Alex Garland's new movie is driven by one woman's desire to find out what happened to her husband. And that woman and husband just so happen to be played by Natalie Portman and Oscar Isaac. Um, yes.


'Half Magic' — Feb. 2018

Heather Graham's directorial debut, Half Magic, is the perfect romance to watch on a girls night out. Graham, who also wrote the screenplay, stars as Honey, a woman sick of being treated badly by the men she dates. She befriends similarly frustrated ladies, played by Stephanie Beatriz and Angela Kinsey, and together the three take control of their dating lives.


'Red Sparrow' — March 2

Red Sparrow, aka the sexy spy movie starring Jennifer Lawrence, has just about everything you could ever want in a movie: secret identities, plenty of costume changes, action, and forbidden love.


'Love, Simon' — March 16

Arguably one of the most hotly anticipated romances of 2018 Love, Simon is a YA adaptation about a teenage boy who is struggling to come out as gay. A lot of fans are hoping the coming of age movie will usher in a new wave of more diverse teenage love stories in the mainstream.


'Overboard' — April 20

Anna Faris stars in this remake of the 1987 romantic comedy — it's Overboard but 30 years later and gender swapped. Perfect for fans who like their rom-coms with a healthy dose of physical comedy.


'On Chesil Beach' — June 15

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On Chesil Beach is a period romance set in the 1960s about a newlywed couple nervous about their honeymoon. The movie stars Saoirse Ronan, who could be an Oscar winner for Lady Bird by the time it comes out, meaning audiences can expect great performances and probably a lot of longing stares.


'Valley Girl' — June 29

A musical adaptation of the 1983 Nicolas Cage film, Valley Girl is a wacky story about star crossed lovers set, of course, in the '80s. The good news: the cast includes a ton of young stars like Mae Whitman, Chloe Bennet, Peyton List, and Ashleigh Murray. The bad news: it also features Logan Paul.


'Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again' — July 20

Mama Mia! Here We Go Again is the musical sequel we've all been waiting for. Like the first film, Here We Go Again promises to be more of a romance between mother and daughter than anything else, but there will be plenty of loving to go around, too.


'Crazy Rich Asians' — Aug. 17

Crazy Rich Asians will make history as the first Hollywood rom-com featuring an all Asian cast. The movie, adapted from the best selling novel, is about a Chinese American woman, Rachel, who gets the shock of her life when she discovers her boyfriend, Nick, is a member of one of Singapore's wealthiest families.


'A Star Is Born' — Oct. 5

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Bradley Cooper is directing this musical remake starring Lady Gaga. A Star Is Born follows the career highs and lows of Ally (Gaga), a journey that includes love (Cooper also stars in the film) and loss.


'Mary Shelley' — TBA

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Ever wonder about the romance that inspired Frankenstein? Well, Mary Shelley is here to reveal all the romantic and heartbreaking details about Frankenstein author Mary Shelley's love affair with poet Percy Shelley.


'Permission' — TBA

Permission, a film about a longterm couple who decide to sleep with other people while staying together, isn't really what you might think when you think of "romance." But, then again, that's the point.


'To All The Boys I've Loved Before' — TBA

To All The Boys I've Loved Before, an adaptation of the YA book by Jenny Han, promises to be a great teen romance, especially relatable for anyone who has ever had an unrequited love (so, all of us).

See you at the movies, everyone.