17 TV Shows That 'Buffy' Fans Would Love

by Jordana Lipsitz
20th Television

I don't want to be Cordelia level overdramatic — or even worse, Dawn level — but guys, this is the WORST news ever. Netflix is reportedly removing Buffy The Vampire Slayer from their streaming service at the end of March. (Bustle reached out to Netflix for comment, but has not heard back at the time of publication.) Luckily, there's a bunch of shows on Netflix for Buffy fans. While they'll never completely fill the void left by the Scoobies and all of their lame significant others, I guess it's better than nothing. And besides, you can always get your fill of Le Buff on Hulu, if you so desire.

What a sad way to ring out Buffy's 20th year of existence, huh? And yet, out with the old and in with the new, as they say. Fans have had great experiences with our gal, Buff, but now it's time to meet new friends from other shows. While you may love the exploits of a Slayer, a few witches, a librarian, a normal, a key, and their vampire pals, you can totally move on to other supernatural TV show pals, right? We'll all be OK, right? I'm having a hard time breathing without hyperventilating, but I'm sure we'll all be OK. Maybe.

Without further ado (and hyperventilating), here are a few shows on Netflix that can try to take the place in your heart left by Buffy.

1. Being Human

It sounds like the beginning of a joke, "A ghost, a vampire, and a werewolf move in together." But it's no joke, just an intense U.K. series that might just make you forget how much you miss Buffy.

2. Santa Clarita Diet

One of the best parts of Buffy (and there's at least one zillion best parts) is the campiness. This series starring the one-and-only Drew Barrymore has camp in spades. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed.

3. Charmed

If you're nostalgic for supernatural things and the fashion of the early '00s, Charmed is a wonderful option. There's also some serious girl power and feminine energy in the series, which I personally never say no to in a television show.

4. Jessica Jones

Super strong girls with a few chips on their shoulder are a pretty inspiring thing to watch at the end of a bad day. Like Buffy, Willow, and the rest of he gang, Jessica Jones has her baggage, but she works to better herself everyday for the good of humanity.

5. Supernatural

Siblings Sam and Dean can't compare to the Scoobies, but they still do a pretty great job of investigating supernatural events across these United States. And there are 11 seasons available on Netflix. That's at least a month of watching, so that's a pretty good deal.

6. The Vampire Diaries

What's not to like about the combination of vampires and romance? Well, there are probably some things to dislike, but chances are if you're into the vampire lore of Buffy, the drama in this series is perfect for you.

7. Supergirl

I can't get enough of the girl power shows, and you too should bask in the glory of a female-centric show in which the main character kicks bad guy butts.

8. Lost Girl

Imagine Buffy if it was equally dark, but slightly "goth-ier" and more geared toward adults. This Canadian show might not be the *best* alternative to the magic of BTVS, but the sexiness of the show — complete with a main character succubus who must feed on sexual energy to survive — can't be denied.

9. Stranger Things

Maybe your favorite season of Buffy is lucky #4 because you love the creepiness of sneaky underground government organizations like the Initiative. Well, Stranger Things has got the creepy government organizations dabbling in terrifying and the illicit things storylines that you crave. It's perfect for you.

10. iZombie

Just like Buffy didn't ask to be the Slayer, Liv didn't ask to be made into a zombie, but she decides to use her unexpected powers for good. Plus, the pop culture references are almost as on-point as the ones in Buffy.

11. Dollhouse

Admittedly, Eliza Dushku's Boston accent when she portrays the second Slayer, Faith, is not ideal. However, she does have a certain "je ne sais quoi." For more Dushku and more work by the BTVS creator, Joss Whedon, look no further than the mind-blowing Dollhouse.

12. Penny Dreadful

If you're a huge fan of the Season 5 premiere episode, "Buffy vs. Dracula," because you like some good ole-fashioned monster stories, the American-British drama series Penny Dreadful is a great option. The series tells the origin stories of literary horrors like the above-mentioned Dracula, the Frankenstein crew, and a bunch of other ghouls and baddies.

13. Crazyhead

Even though Buffy and her pals are dealing with things many of us, as normals who can't slay demons will never experience, their adventures are relateable. Inner demons of growing up are battled just as intensely as creatures of the night. Crazyhead has the same vibe as it follows a couple of 20-somethings who fight both inner and outer demons on the regular.

14. Ghost Whisperer

Jennifer Love Hewitt, late '00s fashion, and departed souls getting the closure they need — what's not to love?

15. Once Upon A Time

The battle between good and evil — and the gray areas that go into that battle — is addressed in this ABC series about storybook characters forced into the real world. It will almost feel like you're back in Buffy-ville debating whether or not Spike is good or bad. Almost.

16. Hemlock Grove

Sunnydale has nothing on the former steel mill town of Hemlock Grove, Pennsylvania. While the body count might not be as high as Sunnydale's (the California town has quite a few cemeteries), everyone in this town seems to have a deadly secret. This show is not for the faint-hearted Buffy fan because it gets quite a bit more gory than your fave vampire series.

17. Merlin

While it's inspiring when the Scoobies kick butt and save the world, it's also awesome to see them just being kids having a good time. Merlin, which follows a young King Arthur and his magic-wielding servant, does a great job of showing the lighter, more fun sides of these mythical characters while also showcasing the drama they must deal with to save their home.