17 Things All Grown-Up Disney Princess Fans Will Want To Buy Immediately


We don't ever really grow up. We just learn to pretend we're adults. We might be paying bills and going to work and doing our own taxes, but inside, many of us have the same dream we had as youngsters: we want to be a Disney princess. Even though we can't live out this dream in reality, I've got the next best solution: these 17 things for grownass Disney princess fans that you need in your life yesterday, if not sooner.

When you think about it, why would any of us outgrow the Disney princess phase? No one is going to wake up one morning and think, "Eh, a fairy tale? Sounds boring." Disney princesses get to live in castles and wear gorgeous clothes and fall in love and feed deer out the palm of their hand and sing to birds and do other things that are really important in life.

Regardless of your age, you can always be a part of the fairy tale, the magic, the romance, and the happiness. You're *never* too old to feel like royalty. If you're a grownass woman but the Disney princess in you is alive and well, these 17 items are for you.

1Ariel Phone Case

Ariel OtterBox Symmetry iPhone 8/7 Case

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I need to know what kind of shampoo she's using and also where she got that dress. Ariel is looking off-the-charts gorgeous on this phone case.

2Disney Princess Wreath

Disney Princess Wreath


This heavenly wreath features pages from Little Golden Books and I'm going to need one in every room of my house. Get it from OnceUponAPageDesigns on Etsy.

3Snow White Mini Backpack

Snow White Mini Backpack by Danielle Nicole

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This shiny, glittery, sparkly mini backpack lets everyone in the room know you're the fairest one of all, just in case they forgot.

4Princess Mug

I Am 99.9% Sure I Am A Disney Princess Mug


This mug speaks so much truth. Teapleasecouk is selling them on Etsy.

5Pocahontas Wallet

Pocahontas Wallet By Loungefly

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Well, you're going to need a place to store your credit cards and license and whatnot. Wasn't Pocahontas a badass?

6Disney Princess Wine Tumblers

Glitter Wine Tumbler Disney Princess Collection


So witty. So sparkly. So perfect. I think we can all appreciate wine tumblers that say things like "Drinking Beauty" and "Drunkest of them all." THEthreelittleCUBS sells them on Etsy, and I think they're on to something.

7Rapunzel Tote Bag

Rapunzel Tote Bag

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If totes are your jam, this light purple bag is perfect for everywhere from work to the club. People will be so jealous.

8Princess Washi Tape

Disney Princess Washi Tape


If you love arts and crafts and a good home DIY project, you need to add this Disney washi tape to your craft closet. PrettyPenPals sells them on Etsy.

9Little Mermaid Passport Holder

Ariel Passport Holder by Danielle Nicole

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If you plan to travel the world, you'll need a safe place to keep your passport, right?

10Princess Travel Cups

Disney Princess Bone China Travel Cup


These bone china travel mugs are perfect whether you're on the go or cozy at home, and can we talk about how pretty they are? ToastedGlass sells them on Etsy. I'll take one of each, please.

11Beauty And The Beast Computer Sleeve

Beauty And The Beast | Strong Beauty Pattern Sleeve For MacBook Pro

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Is that Emma Watson? Not only is this computer sleeve inspired by one of the greatest Disney movies of all time, but it's based on the live action remake.

12Princess Cocktail Glass

Disney Princess Cocktail Glass


Cheers! Fact: cocktails taste better when you drink them out of Disney Princess cocktail glasses. This is another brilliant creation from ToastedGlass on Etsy.

13Cinderella Luggage Tag

Cinderella Emoji | Glass Slipper Luggage Tag

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Just in case anyone gets any wise ideas about trying to snatch your luggage at the airport, you can keep it safe with this glass slipper luggage tag.

14Disney Princess Mason Jars

Disney Princess Mason Jar


These hand-painted princess-inspired mason jars from JacsJems on Etsy make for the perfect home decor and even crafting materials.

15Beauty And The Beast Mouse Pad

Belle & Beast | A Grand Romance Mouse Pad

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Spice up your workspace with a Beaty and the Beast mouse pad featuring another memorable snapshot of the live action remake.

16Ariel Snapchat Filter

Disney Princess Ariel Birthday Snapchat Filter


This is a thing? This is real? Get yours customized and celebrate your birthday in style. PartyandCraftSupply sells them on Etsy.

17Rapunzel Bookmark

Disney Princess Gift


If you're not using this bookmark to keep track of where you left off, are you even reading? Shop with MyBookmark on Etsy.