17 Things All Grown-Up Disney Princess Fans Will Want To Buy Immediately

by Megan Grant

We don't ever really grow up. We just learn to pretend we're adults. We might be paying bills and going to work and doing our own taxes, but inside, many of us have the same dream we had as youngsters: we want to be a Disney princess. Even though we can't live out this dream in reality, I've got the next best solution: these 17 things for grownass Disney princess fans that you need in your life yesterday, if not sooner.

When you think about it, why would any of us outgrow the Disney princess phase? No one is going to wake up one morning and think, "Eh, a fairy tale? Sounds boring." Disney princesses get to live in castles and wear gorgeous clothes and fall in love and feed deer out the palm of their hand and sing to birds and do other things that are really important in life.

Regardless of your age, you can always be a part of the fairy tale, the magic, the romance, and the happiness. You're *never* too old to feel like royalty. If you're a grownass woman but the Disney princess in you is alive and well, these 17 items are for you.


Disney Princess Wreath


Disney Princess Mason Jars


Rapunzel Bookmark