17 Things Every Fan Misses When 'Game of Thrones' Is Off The Air

courtesy of HBO

The weather may finally be getting warmer, but there is still a ways to go until Game of Thrones returns for Season 7. You can still revisit the series on HBO or by reading the books now, but there's something special about those summer Sunday nights during a new season. No matter who you think should sit on the Iron Throne, there are some things that all fans miss when Game of Thrones is off the air.

In fact, since Season 7 doesn't have a premiere date yet, I'm feeling the absence even stronger this year. Game of Thrones is one of the only shows that people still view by appointment, week by week as soon as the next episode is available. Sure, plenty of people wait until the season is over and marathon it in one fell swoop — but for more Game of Thrones fans, it's more of a traditional experience.

Plus, with the universal appeal of this show that, according to Adam Scott's character on Parks and Recreation is "telling human stories in a fantasy world," everyone can get in on the fun. There is so much drama to discuss, so many clues to uncover, and so many mysteries to solve with every minute of new show. Game of Thrones really brings us together when the show is on the air. It also gives us the same yearnings during the rest of the year. Here are some of those universal feelings.

1. Defending Your Favorite Character All Week


So much changes on the show, and you may be forced to answer for someone else's questionable decision.

2. Looking Up What Happens In The Books


To be fair, I used to do that in the off-season too, but now that the HBO series is nearing the end of Martin's published material, it's a thing of the past.

3. Singing Along To The Theme Music


"Gaaaaaaaame of, game of, game of throoooooones!"

4. The Thursday Afternoon Re-watch


Sometimes Tuesday, or even Monday, if you can't wait that long.

5. Thinking Every Extra Is Secretly Gendry


He has to come back eventually, right?

6. Inviting People Over Every Sunday


If you're really ambitious, you theme your drinks and snacks.

7. All Of House Stark, All The Time


I also care a lot about the happiness of Tyrion, Jaime, and sometimes but not currently Cersei Lannister, but the wolves of Winterfell take the cake.

8. Seeing A Character For The First Time In A While


How many episodes will it take to get back to Bran and/or Arya?

9. The Cast Reacting To New Episodes


Or, in Kit Harrington's place, finally getting to break the silence.

10. Hiding From Spoilers When You Can't Watch


Livetweeting Game of Thrones is great when you can do it too, but deadly otherwise.

11. Wishing You Had Time To Start The Series Over


"As soon as it ends, we're starting from Season 1, right?

12. Looking Up Westerosi Braid Tutorials


Because there are too many awesome ladies to emulate.

13. Boarding A New 'Ship


Each season brings a fun new pairing and it's so worth it.

14. Having Something To Look Forward To On Monday


Like, I actually want to get to work — we have things to discuss!

15. New Quotes & Gifs To Define Your Mood


Honestly, that's why we keep House Lannister around.

16. Getting To Escape To Such A Lush World


Don't get me wrong, I have no desire to live in Westeros or Essos. Maybe Dorne. The point is, while Game of Thrones is a violent and often terrifying place, it's a welcome break from the real world and I miss indulging in it when its on.

17. When HBOGo Breaks Down For The Finale


Just kidding! I don't miss that at all, even though it does add a fun dose of real world stress to the proceedings.

At least, while we're missing all of these things, we're not alone. Hang in there, everyone, and Game of Thones will be back before you know it.