13 Shows To Watch While You Wait For 'Game Of Thrones' Season 7

If the Starks think waiting for winter is hard, they should try waiting for Game of Thrones Season 7. Now that the show has pushed filming back to accommodate Westeros' new, chilly look, the wait for a new season is even longer than normal. Don't worry, you will not have to resort to sock puppet reenactments of the Red Wedding to hold you over this year, I have a list of shows Game of Thrones fans will love.

A quick disclaimer: nothing is exactly like Game of Thrones . Part of the show's appeal is its sprawling storylines and unique mix of the fantasy and history. Game of Thrones has something for everyone, while most shows are content with appealing to just one demographic. For that reason, I have included a variety of shows encompassing different parts of the Game of Thrones world: the period drama goodness, the fantasy elements, and the politics. Every show on the list won't appeal to every Game of Thrones fan, but there are enough options for every fan to find a new show to obsess over until Season 7 arrives.

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From the philosophical questions of a mysterious, sci-fi playground to the politics of a women's prison, here are 13 shows Game of Thrones fans should watch while they wait for the new season.

1. Westworld

HBO on YouTube

HBO's newest drama is just as bold and unique as Game of Thrones. Set in a virtual theme park where the androids are beginning to gain awareness, Westworld challenges viewers to ask deep questions about the nature of humanity while also tossing them head first into a visually stunning playground. This twisty series is full of intrigue, sci-fi touches, and grandeur sure to draw in anyone who enjoys hanging out in Westeros.

Watch it Sunday nights on HBO or catch up on HBO Go.

2. The Man In The High Castle

Prime Video on YouTube

This bleak examination of what the United States would look like if the Axis Powers had won World War II should draw in anyone who loves the political maneuverings on Game of Thrones. The show delves deep into what it means to live in a world ruled by dictators while also showcasing the rebels who dare to rise up against Japan and Germany's rule.

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3. Versailles

Ovation on YouTube

A king on the brink of madness, a court full of sex, violence, and intrigue — if you love the King's Landing action, then Versailles is destined to be your new favorite show. Charting King Louis XIV's obsession with building the opulent palace of Versailles, the most expensive drama in French history is pure eye candy and way more addictive than you can imagine.

New episodes air Saturdays on Ovation.

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4. Preacher

amc on YouTube

The themes of religion and belief ran throughout Game of Thrones Season 6. If the show's thoughts on devotion and fanaticism left you wanting more, Preacher is there to pick up where Game of Thrones left off. The thoughtful, bloody, and completely original drama is sure to draw you in with its supernatural coolness.

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5. Galavant

ABC Television Network on YouTube

Think Game of Thrones by way of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. If Bronn is your favorite character, you are going to adore Galavant and its silly take on medieval drama.

The entire series is streaming on Netflix.

6. The Borgias


All you need to know is The Borgias are the family the Lannisters take notes from.

Watch it on Netflix.

7. The Last Kingdom

The Last Kingdom on YouTube

The story of a displaced heir on a mission to unite all kingdoms as one? Yeah, I have a feeling Game of Thrones fans won't have any trouble investing in this story.

Check it out on Netflix.

8. Outlander

STARZ on YouTube

George R.R. Martin adores this time travel romance, which should be endorsement enough. If you need more reasons to check it out, then look no further than the alternative take on history and the heart pounding romance at the story's center.

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9. The Walking Dead

SERIENmovs on YouTube

TV's other fantasy juggernaut is more than a show about zombies. Over the course of six seasons, The Walking Dead has spotlighted the struggle of building a community in the aftermath of an apocalypse and all the dangerous people who rise up when the world goes a little mad. If you still are not over the brilliance of Brienne and Jaime's journey through the Riverlands in Season 3, you owe to yourself to finally check out The Walking Dead.

Watch it on Netflix.

10. The White Queen

STARZ on YouTube

The War of the Roses as seen through the point of view of the women, The White Queen puts its focus on the dynamic female characters who are left to deal with the machinations of court while the men battle it out on the battlefield.

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11. Vikings


Epic battles, warrior women, and daring power moves — if you love it when Game of Thrones indulges in its most visceral instincts, Vikings is your next obsession.

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12. The Shannara Chronicles

MTV on YouTube

Wish Game of Thrones would go all in on the fantasy element? Then check out The Shannara Chronicles with its elves, quests, and demons all set against a lush fantasy backdrop.

The Shannara Chronicles are available on Netflix.

13. Orange Is The New Black

Netflix on YouTube

The world of Westeros' power struggles are nothing compared to the ones that go down in Litchfield prison.

Watch the series on Netflix.

It's going to be a long time before Game of Thrones Season 7 arrives, but these shows will keep you entertained while you wait.

Image: HBO