17 Things You Didn't Know You Could Buy At Target

The holidays may be over, but the other 10 months out of the year can still be for treatin' yoself to gifts — and chances are, the ones that may surprise you most will be at Target. Who hasn't walked into the store and seen the soothing red-lined shelves and aisles, begging you to purchase merchandise that is both useless yet also strangely necessary? Or better yet — buying stuff off and get a free order pick up, without ever leaving the comfort of your home?

I've always been able to resist the temptation, somehow — you could even say that I'll walk into a store with five things on my list I need to buy and walk out empty handed, as opposed to normal people that go in "not looking for much" and come out with 10 bags worth of stuff. But Target? Target is different.

As opposed to other stores — maybe you could say I'm a Target truther — there are always things at this store that inspire me, from anime paraphernalia to something like a trusty mini vacuum cleaner. Forget T.J. Maxx, Ross, Walmart — I swear by Target for my needs.

Below is an assorted list of items that will convert you too (if you haven't been already), so check it twice:

Gaiam No Slip Yoga Socks

Gaiam No Slip Black/Gray Yoga Socks (S/M), $8, Target

Have you ever been in downward dog and been acutely aware that your toes are about to give out beneath you, which would make you fall on your face/definitively ensure you'd embarrass yourself in front of your entire class? These socks can save your butt ... quite literally. Also very handy if you have slippery hardwood floors at home!

Mr. Bar-B-Q Picnic Table Condiment Set

Mr. Bar-B-Q Picnic Table Condiment Set, $11, Target

Have you ever been like, "man, I really want a mustard bottle that says 'Mustard' on it"? Look no further than this Mr. Bar-B-Q set, which includes containers for salt, pepper, ketchup, and yes, mustard. It may be the mini-est of picnic tables, but it's functional and cute enough to make "passing the salt" actually fun.

Baby Foot Peel

Baby Foot Foot Peel Lavender 2.4 Fl Oz 1 set, $23, Target

Dry skin can be tough to cure on your feet. But if you want your foot to be as soft as, well, a baby's, then this unique formula with natural extracts (17 types!) will exfoliate and moisturize your foot. No more blisters, cracked soles, and smelly feet!

Pokemon Pikachu Coin Bank

Pokemon Pikachu Coin Bank, $12, Target

Gotta catch 'em all — spare change, that is. Let Pikachu be your go to guide for saving up penny by penny. The site description says it's for encouraging "little heroes" to save, but come on ... we older millennials need to learn this too!

Lion Accent Rug

Lion Accent Rug by Pillowfort, $24, Target

Be the king of your living room by throwing this casual non-taxidermic rug on the floor. It's 100 percent cotton, but also 100 percent adorable.

Susquehanna Glass Trust Me Stemless Wine Glasses

Susquehanna Glass® 4pc Trust Me Stemless Wine Glasses, $40, Target

You don't need to drink with your best friends to make questionable decisions — let these wine glasses tell you what to do. All four of them have very bad but very appealing-when-inebriated ideas printed on them. You'll never need to figure out what reckless thing to do again while drunk.

Stripe Pouf

Stripe Pouf, $30, Target

This functions like an ottoman, but it's way better. Putting your feet on something this comfy and rainbow? Sign me up.

Stag Head Wall Decor

Stag Head Wall Decor, $24, Target

Rudolph the Red Mounted Reindeer? This deer is a little on the creepy side, but if it looks much better than some of its taxidermic counterparts found in log cabins, right? It can be a year-round decoration atop your mantel!

Knit Pompom Wine Holder

Knit Pompom Wine Holder, $7, Target

Oh come on. Who said that drinking on a night out can't be an intimate occasion? This well-knit holder looks like something your grandma would've knit you for Christmas (if Grandma were okay with your drinking habits, I suppose). Take it out and get compliments left and right, guaranteed.

Ceramic Bird Ring Dish

Ceramic Bird Ring Dish, $5, Target

Here's a stylish way to hold all your fave finger jewelry. It can go atop your dresser or vanity, and has two wings for maximal holding power. Now your jewelry collection can truly soar, right?

Avocado Pet Toy

Avocado Pet Toy, $6, Target

This is a delicious choice for the goodest on-trend boys and girls. Emitting large squeaky noises to keep any pups entertained for hours, take this smiling veggie home for a good time.

Paper String Lights

Paper String Lights, $15, Target

You don't have to go outside now to have a starry night. Light these purple babies up and have an aesthetic, peaceful evening winding down under their glow.

Key West Cotton Rope Hammock

Key West Cotton Rope Hammock, $55, Target

This might be a bit pricey, but who wouldn't want to be rocking peacefully back and forth with such a pretty hammock? String it between two of your backyard trees, and let the relaxation roll.

Flamingo Hooded Bath Towel

Flamingo Hooded Bath Towel by Pillowfort, $14, Target

This will surely "caw"-se heads to turn — wouldn't it be fun to have a bird head while simultaneously drying off your hair? It's not just for kids, Mom!

Women's Faux Fur Coin Purse

Women's Faux Fur Coin Purse, $10, Target

Bring out your inner glam socialite with this small, versatile purse. It comes in black or white, and is cute enough to take out with you when you only need your spare change on you. Groovy!

T-Rex Cookie Jar

T-Rex Cookie Jar Stoneware Matte White, $20, Target

Land before Tea Time, much? Bring a prehistoric twist to your house by leaving your cookies with this T-Rex. His hands are too small to steal them, anyway.

Jetson Jupiter Scooter with LED Lights

Jetson Jupiter Scooter with LED Lights - Black, $30, Target

Biking, hoverboarding, all forms of fuelness public transportation are currently in — but who wouldn't want to scoot down the street with these wheels and light up their neighborhood?