Proof That Hanna Marin Is The True MVP Of 'PLL'

Freeform/Eric McCandless

At this stage in the tense, emotional countdown to the end of Pretty Little Liars, I've already started becoming overly nostalgic and sentimental about the show. And there's one thing that has become undoubtedly clear during my sad revisiting of classic episodes, and that's the fact that Hanna Marin is the MVP of Pretty Little Liars. I mean, in a way, this has always been obvious, particularly since Hanna's best moments in Pretty Little Liars have always, in my mind at least, stood out as some of the best from the whole show.

But it also comes down to much more than that. Throughout the show, Hanna has been the one character consistently capable of providing gallant, sassy bursts of humor, even when it might seem like there's very little to joke about. She's also been the character most capable of fighting back when she needs to, shrugging off fear with a witty quip, and facing her foes — whoever and whatever they may be — with wild-eyed abandon and a ferocious sense of confidence.

Guys, Hanna is the real deal. She's positive, but also deliciously cynical. Tough, but delightfully silly. And she's so loyal to her best friends that I could honestly shed a tear or two. But I won't. In true Hanna style, I'm going to woman up, and instead celebrate the moments that prove she's the true hero of PLL.

When She Wasn't Afraid To Get Utterly Real With Mona

And, unfortunately, as the show would go on to prove, this didn't exactly work out for Hanna.

When She Also Wasn't Afraid To Tell It Exactly How It Is

I mean, it's completely hilarious. But damn, babe — TMI.

When She Was Completely Accepting & Supportive Of Emily's Sexuality

For the record, this is also just terrific advice for everyone to live by.

When She Understood That Some Situations Just Call For A Little Booze

I mean, a little vodka probably helps to take the edge off that whole "I'm being stalked and tortured by an unknown assailant" situation, right? I'd imagine so, anyway.

When She Let Her Freak Flag Fly While Dancing To Ariana Grande

Yes, honey. Unleash that inner rage.

And She Was Just Like, "Nailed It..."

Emily's reaction in the background was absolutely priceless. But also, totally wrong — Hanna definitely nailed those moves, guys. And I'll happily take on (via the medium of dance) anyone who says otherwise.

When She Shifted The Convo Away From Tangents

I mean, she kinda has a point.

When She Was The One Having To Point Out The Obvious

Clear proof, right here, that she at least had at some understanding of biology. Even if that biology was reliant on fictional, supernatural science.

Whenever She Perfectly Verbalized The Complexity Of Some Of Her Friendships

I'd say that this sentence succinctly defines all the twists and turns that PLL threw at us, and the characters of the show, over the course of 7.5 seasons.

When She Focused On What's Really Important In Tense Moments (No, Not Poetry)

Look, Dickinson's infamous line, "Unable are the loved to die, for love is immortality," as quoted by Aria, is absolutely breathtaking. But there's a time and a place for it, and as Hanna acknowledged, the middle of a conflated, creepy set of mysteries is neither.

Everything She Did In The Dollhouse

She continually served up grade A (no pun intended) sass in the face of impending doom, and it was the absolute best.

When She Had An Epiphany About Life

There's really no shame in being protective of your plasma. But seriously, do all consider donating blood. It's pretty cool.

Whenever She Was Able To Remain Totally Positive, Despite Everything

Honestly, every time she came out with a pearl of goodness like this it gave me life.

When She Stood Up To Some Bullies & Basically Saved Christmas

No, you're crying, dammit.

When She Just Got In That Shower With Caleb

And she totally liked what she saw. I mean, who can really blame her?

Whenever She Was Highly Protective Of Her Pals

This was pretty much all the time, people. Hanna was always gloriously ruthless when it came to taking care of those around her.

When She Got Real About Her Options

I mean, sure, not having a phone would make it awfully difficult for A to hassle the Liars on the same level that they do. But would it really be worth it? Definitely not.

Suffice to say, even when PLL finally ends (and man, I don't even want to think about that happening just yet), Hanna will always remain. Right here, in my heart. But also, in my distinctly erratic dance moves to Ariana Grande.