17 Unconventional Valentine's Day Cards To Send In…

by Kaitlyn Wylde

Valentine's Day can be a pretty cheesy holiday if you wait until the last minute and rely on drugstore cards and gas station chocolates. But the holiday of love doesn't need to be half-assed or overly-cliche. There are plenty of ways to infuse some wit and fun into the holiday — especially if over-sentimentality is not your bag. For example, getting your partner an unconventional Valentine's Day card that's not from some wall of commercial options is a great place to start.

We all know what those store-bought cards look like: they've typically got a lot of red, a lot of hearts, and say something general and vague like "You are the light of my life, Happy Valentine's Day" or "Thanks for making my life so sweet". Yes, we know what it's like to get and receive these kinds of cards, and as nice as they are, they aren't exactly personal.

There are tons of cards out there that will both make your partner laugh and feel loved — and really, what's better than that combination? The best way to do Valentine's Day is the unconventional way — particularly if you already feel a bit uneasy about the whole holiday. These are some unique Valentine's cards that will make your partner feel extra-special ... and worth more than a last-minute trip to the card aisle.

I A-Dumbledore You

For the Harry Potter fanatic, this is flipping adorable.

MagicallyCraftedShop, $2.27, Etsy

All The Feels

When you've just started to date someone and V-Day rolls around, you don't want to go overboard with the feels — instead, simply just mention them in this laid back and romantic card.

letterhappy, $3, Etsy

For The Not-So-Romantic Connection In Your Life

If you've just recently had a one night stand with someone, this is the card for you! There's need to be romantic when things are just casual. Send this card to say "I'm thinking about you" in the most casual way possible.

JulieAnnArt, $4.50, Etsy

The Foot-Warmer

#RelationshipGoals, tho.

SadShop, $5, Etsy

A Little Cute, A Little Creepy

The perfect blend for the lover in your life with a good sense of humor.

PrintsOfHeart, $3.15, Etsy

Direct, But Flattering

Like I said, Valentine's Day doesn't have to be romantic if you don't want it to be.

AllyElleCards, $5, Etsy

Real-Life Comparisons

I hope everyone finds the mac to their cheese.

OldEnglishCo, $2.52, Etsy

Dino Puns

Plays on words with the help of cute animals are always a win.

MudsplashStudios, $5, Etsy


Because we all have someone in our lives who deserves this cars.

OkSillyInc, $4, Etsy

The Sexy Card

For the couple that doesn't like to beat around the bush.

SiouxAlice, $3, Etsy

Something We Can All Relate To

Pizza anything is a win. Pizza is love.

KnottyCards, $4.50, Etsy

Bucket List

There's nothing wrong with being direct.

OkSillyInc, $4, Etsy

Can I Keep You?

Because it's cute as hell.

SadShop, $5, Etsy

When Someone Takes Your Breath Away

...or when someone has asthma.

FinchAndTheFallow, $3.50, Etsy

Jalapeno In There

The perfect card for the person whose bones you want to jump.

KnottyCards, $4.50, Etsy

For The Cat Lover

Because cat people are people, too.

PurpleTreeDesignsUK, $3.70, Etsy

The Coy Card

Because sometimes you gotta play it coy.

ANABDesign, $3.95, Etsy