17 Women Share The Most Ridiculous Thing They've Cried Over While PMSing

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Have you ever been PMSing and seen a really emotional dog food commercial and you couldn't help but cry? I know I have. Let's not deny all the ridiculous things we've cried over while PMSing; that's what happens when your hormones are out of control and you love everything and hate everything at the same time. It's one of the many gifts of having a period. You know, right up there with ridiculous cravings and waking up at 2 a.m. to realize your sheets look like a crime scene. We all want to believe that periods get better with age, but no — you’re a 30-year-old adult crying and slobbering like a baby because someone at work finished the last chocolate chip peanut butter granola bar in the kitchen, and now you have to eat a plain granola bar.

A few brave Redditors recently shared the wackiest things that have brought them to tears during that time of the month, and to be honest, you can probably relate. The period-havers of the world all know what it's like to completely lose your sh*t and sob hysterically because your dog looked at you funny or your curls fell flat or you saw a crunchy leaf and it was, like, really pretty, but then you accidentally stepped on it and crushed it and now it’s dead.

Although we understand the basic science of hormone fluctuations causing PMS, there's no rhyme or reason to exactly what triggers our PMS meltdowns, but it is what it is. All you can do is hunker down, grab a Snickers, and hope it passes quickly.

How bad can it get, though? That's what these Redditors were trying to determine. Each person shared, hands down, the most ridiculous things they've cried over because of PMS, and, well, it gets interesting.

If you ever thought your PMS was bad, you ain't seen nothing yet. Some of these may make your roller coaster of hormones seem like a walk in the park. Take it away, everyone.



This is perfectly justified. PMS or not, we're talking about M&Ms, people. How could you even look your SO in the eye after this happened? HOW.



Makes sense. Oranges have feelings too.


A Dog

There was nothing even remotely remarkable about this dog. It was painfully ordinary. Nevertheless, it was worthy of a good cry.


Breadsticks In The Dirt

To be fair... I'd cry about this even if I wasn't PMSing. Breadsticks and pizza are important things in life.


A Wall

If the wall was plaster or concrete, this would just be weird. But since it was brick, everything totally makes sense.


A Snag

Hey, a snag could turn into a hole or a run. This is a perfectly sensible time to freak out.


Katy Perry

Doesn't Katy Perry have this effect on most of us? She's so moving, and inspirational, and powerful, and... I can't go on. Excuse me.



Hopefully the restaurant will know better next time. You should always have chocolate cake on hand.


The Cat

NBD. I cry over my dogs' cuteness at least once a week. No shame here.


A Rather Challenging Word Search

What an evil cereal box. Those games aren't supposed to be that hard.


The Triple Double Crunchwrap Promotion

How dare Taco Bell toy with a someone's emotions like that?


A Lack Of Eggs

Breakfast was totally ruined. Thanks, Mom.



Seriously? This is criminal no matter the circumstances.



What a pain in the ass.


Literally Nothing

Have you ever been so emotional that you cried over absolutely nothing? No cats. No forks. No breadsticks in the dirt. Literally. Nothing.


Negligent Polar Bear Mothers

What kind of polar bear would do that to her baby?!



Babies and bread — that really is a cuteness overload.