18 '90s Movies That Need To Be On Netflix ASAP

by Kayleigh Hughes
Columbia Pictures

One of the very best things about Netflix is how often it can satisfy your every whim and desire, with very little effort on basically anyone's part. You want a thing, you hit a couple buttons, you have the thing. It's beautiful. For me, the "thing" in question is often a totally addicting, probably-not-critically-acclaimed movie from the '90s about love or poetry or music or aliens. And a lot of times, Netflix completely delivers. But then other times, it doesn't. For every 10 Things I Hate About You or Heavyweights, there's a dozen awesome, wonderful, memorable '90s movies that I hope will be on Netflix this year, for we know that when it comes to nostalgia hits, the streaming service giveth us, then it taketh away.

Below is my very own personal wish list of movies from the '90s that either have never been on Netflix or were once there but, tragically, are no longer available. Now, I know that I have better things to do than start a bunch of viral campaigns to get these film on Netflix Instant Streaming, but sometimes, it's all I really want to put effort into. When you want to watch Space Jam, you really want to watch it right now, you know what I mean?



How nice would it be to hop on over to Netflix and have those magical books swirling around your living room in minutes? We seriously need Matilda's comforting happy ending on Netflix right now.


'Fight Club'

Nope, Fight Club isn't on Netflix. What is on Netflix: Leopard Fight Club, a nature documentary about leopards. So, you know, there's that.



I need the Jawbreakers aesthetic to be accessible to me on Netflix Instant. Like, I need it.


'My Girl'

It would be amazing to be able to stroll down memory lane, and ultimately sob uncontrollably, with My Girl on Netflix.


'Space Jam'

You didn't realize you immediately, absolutely, 100 percent needed to watch Space Jam right now, huh? Well you can't, because it's not on Netflix...yet.


'But I'm A Cheerleader'

The queer girls of the world politely request that the magical, campy, hilarious, enlightening, stylish But I'm A Cheerleader be added to Netflix posthaste.


'Empire Records'

Right now, you can't get this delicious pop culture candy-movie on Netflix, but I so, so wish that you could.


'You've Got Mail'

Come on, Netflix. We all deserve a rewatch of this obscenely dated and kind of a little creepy, but super super addicting romcom.


'Girl, Interrupted'

When we're in our feelings about the world, it would be great to be able to queue up this awesome dark movie uninterrupted.


'Cruel Intentions'

I am, like, pretty confident that this used to be on Netflix and now is not. That is a problem. A problem.



Selena should be accessible to all people everywhere at all times.


'Can't Hardly Wait'

Oh yeah. The underrated, big-hearted '90s teen comedy named after a Replacements song deserves a rewatch, no matter how long it's been since you've seen it.


'Reality Bites'

This is basically the ultimate '90s movie, and the reality is that you currently watch it on Netflix Instant. Which bites. (Sorry.)



I bet it's been ages since you watched Stepmom. I bet you want to watch it right now (and probably cry). If only it was on Netflix.


'Harriet The Spy'

Harriet the Spy is possible the number one most fun movie ever made, and it's not on Netflix for you to watch. I truly hope that changes, for all our sakes.


'Dead Poets Society'

Last Thanksgiving I wanted to watch Dead Poets Society because it is a perfect fall-to-winter transition movie and I was stunned to find it not available on Netflix.


'Notting Hill'

Pretty sure this one used to be on Netflix, too. It's not anymore. And I am just a girl, standing in front of a streaming service, asking it to bring back Notting Hill.


'Mars Attacks!'

I mean, there is nothing weirder than Mars Attacks! It deserves a permanent place on any streaming service, for weirdo credibility purposes.

Please, Netflix, make these '90s dreams come true.