Easy Patriotic Barbecue Ideas That Will Be A Total Party Hit

I don't know about you, but I love the Fourth of July. It's easily one of my top three favorite holidays. Between the graze-able buffet of backyard foods, sparklers, cold beer all day long, and that sweet feeling of nostalgia that comes with hot summer nights (insert the night game scene from The Sandlot and "America, The Beautiful" here), Independence Day is full of things to celebrate. And what's a celebration without food?! This year, make your Independence Day party one to remember with these easy patriotic barbecue ideas.

The best party foods are ones that don't take a lot of time, so each of these recipes have been vetted for time and difficulty. Whether you're a regular pro in the kitchen or have trouble making toast, you should be able to pull of these patriotic party recipes without breaking too much of a sweat (unless, of course, you're partying in the hot July heat. I can't help you there.) For an extra dose of patriotism, serve them on red, white, and blue paper plates. Best of all, you'll love how cute they look when they're done, and the compliments you'll get from guests. Move over, Martha Stewart! There's a new party planner in town.

1. A Pesto Pasta Salad

Nothing says picnic food like pasta salad. Give yours a gourmet upgrade with this vegan pesto from Good Life Eats. Be sure to label this dish though, as guests with nut allergies will want to steer clear.

2. Crockpot BBQ Beer Chicken

Nothing says "time-saver" like a crockpot meal. Keep kitchen time to a minimum with this barbecue-ready crockpot beer chicken. Get the recipe from Half-Baked Harvest.

4. Fourth Of July Flag Burgers

While they're admittedly a little odd, these burgers definitely win the competition for most creative Independence Day snack. And they're pretty easy, too! Get the recipe from I Am A Food Blog.

5. Taco Wraps With Beans & Cheese

These easy burrito wraps are perfect for a party — they’re delicious, slice and dice-able, and meat-free. But don’t let that last factoid re-route you; with these toppings, you won’t even miss the meat. Get the recipe from Taste and Tell.

6. Red, White, And Blue Salad

Easy, bright, and full of red, white, and blue goodness, this fruit salad is begging to make an appearance at your Fourth of July celebration. Get the recipe from FoodieCrush.

7. Patriotic Whoopie Pies

These perfect patriotic snacks deserve a place on your buffet table. And as a kid-friendly snack, they'll please young and old guests alike. Get the recipe (and several stunning others) from My Name is Yeh.

8. A Fruit Pizza

No Independence Day party is complete without a fruit pizza — plain and simple. Keep it classic with this one from Something Swanky.

9. USA Cake Roll

Cut off a slice in the name of the land of the free and the home of the brave. Because what's more American than a frosted cake topped with sprinkles? According to Taste and Tell, not much.

10. Hawaiian Barbecue Skewers

Celebrate the Fourth of July with an ode to our 50th state, Hawaii! These Hawaiian Barbecue Skewers from Half-Baked Harvest should do the trick.

11. Guacamole Salsa

No party would be complete without guacamole. This recipe from A Spicy Perspective gives the classic dip a spicy, party-ready upgrade.

12. Monster Bars

Delicious and festive, these cookie bars are as fun to look at as a firework show. Get the recipe from A Farm Girl Dabbles.

13. Red Velvet Cupcakes

These cupcakes from Your Cup of Cake are almost too pretty to eat (almost, but not quite).

14. Patriotic Party Toasts

Kicking off your celebration early? Ring in Independence Day with these brunch-approved party toasts from Taste and Tell.

15. Patriotic Eaton Mess

Don't let the name fool you; this mess is as a beautiful as they come. The red and blue berries in this dessert give it a built-in element of patriotism. Get the recipe from Lick My Spoon.

16. Red & Blue Fruit Skewers

Keep your treats on the lighter side with these pretty fruit skewers from Kitchen Confidante.

17. Watermelon Mozzy Skewers

Pretty, zesty, and patriotic, these skeweres are a must for any 4th of July celebration. Get the skinny from What's Cooking Love?

18. Coconut Slushies

These slushies pack a double whammy of Fourth of July perfection: they're perfectly patriotic, and totally refreshing. Make a batch for your barbecue to keep the party cool. Get the recipe from Kitchen Confidante.