18 Halloween Wedding Items That Will Make For One Spooky Romantic Celebration

Courtesy of Sellers

Choosing a wedding date is a major decision. You have to be mindful of what type of venue you want, the location where you want to get married, and if it works for the friends and family you want in attendance. But for some people the decision is a bit easier: just pick the date of your favorite holiday. And for anyone planning on a Halloween wedding, it's now the season to soak up inspiration.

A Halloween wedding can be as bold or subtle as the couple wants. You could go full costume party or just have some orange and black decorations. Or you could just have a completely normal non-Halloween wedding, but have the door to the bathroom booby trapped so that fake spiders drop down whenever someone opens it. (Free idea!)

Regardless of the level of involvement, having a Halloween wedding (or any holiday wedding, really) offers a solid starting point for decor. And, if you're looking for some inspiration for your own Halloween wedding, check out the items below. From centerpieces to cake toppers to soaps shaped like tiny colorful skulls, you might find just what you need for your own festivities or at least get the ideas flowing.

Now, go on and get spooky and get married!