18 Actually Funny Jokes About Motherhood To Send To Your Mom This Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day Jokes To Send To Your Mom That Are Actually Funny

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, and it probably doesn’t bear repeating — but just in case — your mom deserves to be celebrated. She is the literal reason you are here and that’s cause for some love, appreciation, and gratitude at least one day a year. You could always get her some nice and thoughtful Mother's Day gifts, send her a card, or give her a call if you aren’t spending the day together. (Honestly, a little solitude is a gift in itself.) Or you could give her the gift that keeps on giving: some funny Mother’s Day jokes that will make her laugh or at least give her something to post on Facebook.

Yes, even your sweet mom will enjoy a Mother's Day meme. Will she ask if you wrote the joke? Of course. Will she ask if you know the people in the picture? Obviously. Just bear with her. She literally taught you how to use a spoon. Lest you think she doesn’t have a sense of humor, allow me to remind you of such life chapters as “When You Were Learning How To Use A Toilet” and “Still Loving You Despite Your ‘Chicken Nuggets Only’ Phase.” Here are a list of jokes that’ll make your mom laugh, and if anyone needs a little laughter in their life, it’s your mom.

A Gift Any Mom Would Love

This kid definitely has the right idea.

The Real Sacrifice A Mom Makes

Just let her know you're thankful, OK?

There Are Too Many Choices!

Honestly, though, how can you go wrong?

What Your Mom Really Wants

Even moms appreciate alone time!

When You Want To Be Sarcastic

If your mom can really take a joke, she'll giggle at this one.

For The Animal Crossing-Obsessed Mom

If we're being honest, Tom Nook could use a stern talking to.

What Every Mother's Day Should Be Like

Wondering what to get your mom? It's this.

Honestly Though...

Pretty Sure Every Mom Can Relate

Can't someone else do the planning for once?!

For Tech-Savvy Moms

This is such a mom text message that it's adorable.

Send This To The New Moms In Your Life

They will definitely appreciate this on their first Mother's Day.

Mom Problems

Something that truly any mother can relate to.

Maybe She Just Wants TV Time?

Make it happen!!

Wow, Accurate

What mom can't relate?

How Your Mom Really Feels

She loves you so much, but also you're kind of ruining her life.

A Little Dark Humor For Her

Don't take it personally! But she'll love this.

This Is True

Maybe you should write her one?

For The Mom of Many Kids

Moms with multiple little kids will definitely appreciate this joke.

For The Mom Who Just Became A Homeschool Teacher

Is there at least a principal you can talk to?

Every Mother's Nightmare

It never gets less creepy.

Full-time Mom-ing

There aren't even, like, weekends off?

Turtle Mama

That kid is wise beyond their years.


That is not the hero she wants or deserves.

Mother Knows Best

Do not question onion mom's logic.

Mother's Day: The Remix

The lyrics go, "I love you. I love you. I'm sorry. I love you."

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