18 Movies & Shows 'Pose' Fans Should Stream If They're Already Obsessed With Ryan Murphy's New Series


Ryan Murphy's new show Pose features the underground ballroom scene from New York in the '80s. The first episode only just premiered on June 3, but it's already leaving fans wanting more. While nothing is quite like Murphy's latest creation, you should watch these 18 movies and shows if you love Pose and desperately want more of that on-screen world.

One of the best things about Pose is how the series explores so many different themes. In just the pilot alone, there were plotlines about gender transitioning, homophobia and transphobia, the AIDS epidemic, queer families, sex work, fashion, and more. Clearly, Pose plans on covering a lot of ground, and it will be exciting to see what happens over time. In the first episode, we met the two main houses — which are shared apartments made for members of the LGBTQ community who are unaccepted in other places — called House Abundance and House Evangelista. The houses have a rivalry going, and even though House Evangelista is newer than House Abundance, its house mother, Blanca (Mj Rodriguez), is determined to make sure that they make a name for themselves in ballroom shows.

It's frustrating to have to wait until Sundays to find out what happens next on Pose, but thankfully you can watch these other shows and movies at any time.