Here's When You Can Watch April & Arizona's Last 'Grey’s Anatomy' Season on Netflix

Eric McCandless/ABC

When it comes to Grey's Anatomy, the term "streaming" could refer to the way we're producing tears as one highly emotional drama after another unfolds. While we continue to dry our eyes over the Season 14 departures of Sarah Drew's Dr. April Kepner and Jessica Capshaw's Dr. Arizona Robbins, Netflix is about to revive the characters for those of us having trouble letting go of the ABC tearjerker's fan faves. That's right, grab your tissues because you can watch April & Arizona's last Grey’s Anatomy season on Netflix beginning June 16, the streaming service announced on Wednesday, May 23. So long, summer plans, right?

Fans were rightfully saddened to learn that April and Arizona would both be clocking out at the end of this season, which just wrapped with the May 17 finale, but, thankfully, the writers didn't leave us needing open heart surgery by killing off either beloved character. (Has anyone really recovered from Derek "McDreamy" Shepherd's death anyway?) While she did give us quite the scare in the season's penultimate episode, April ended her nine-season run on the medical drama in a more understated way. After her near-death accident, she married her ex and quit her job as a surgeon at Grey Sloan Memorial to volunteer with Seattle's homeless. And since she's still local and co-parenting with Dr. Jackson Avery (played by Jesse Williams), there's still hope for a future cameo right?

For her part, Capshaw's pediatric surgeon Arizona, who first scrubbed in on the show in 2009, also left us hoping there's a chance her exit is more of a "see you later" than a "goodbye." She made the decision to relocate from Seattle to New York with daughter Sofia, leaving "Calzona" fans hopeful that she and her newly-single baby mama Callie may just rekindle an old flame.

As hard as it was for us to bid the docs adieu, the actors who played them also had to grappled with emotional farewells. On the night the finale aired, Drew paid tribute to her also-departing castmate. "This one right here is a bright and shining light," she captioned a May 17 Instagram post, along with photos of her and Capshaw.

The caption continued:

"She sees the silver lining in every circumstance. She is a fiercely loyal friend who will help you navigate every twist and turn of life with intelligence, perspective, and real, practical, boots on the ground help. I’m so profoundly grateful that we got to walk through these 9 years and most especially these past two months together. #kepzonaforever #sistersforlife"

Capshaw also continued the lovefest, posting a slue of finale night behind the scenes Instagram cast photos, calling Drew "fierce and powerful" in one caption. She had also previously tweeted about the pain of saying goodbye to the character of Arizona herself and all she'd meant to her as well as to the LGBTQ+ community, writing March 8 that she was sad to see her "kind, intelligent, funny, insightful, bold, playful, fierce and really good at her job" character go." Her solace? "That she will continue to live on and on in all of our consciences and our imaginations." (And on Netflix now too, of course.)

Similarly, Drew, who will appear with other Grey's cast members in October's war drama film Indivisible, had a lot of emotions to contend with after finding out her character would be discharged from the ABC hit a mere 48 hours before the public did, tweeting she was "thankful" that she could "process all of my feelings surrounded by the community that has nourished and nurtured me for almost a decade" at the time.

While this season may have been the swan song for April and Arizona, the chance to re-watch all 24 of their final episodes on Netflix (or to just get caught up before Season 15 premieres this fall) may be just what the doctor ordered. I'd advise against marathoning it all in one sitting though, if you want to make the season last longer.