18 Summer Song Lyrics For Instagram Captions That Aren’t Overplayed Just Yet


Summertime is definitely one of the best times of year to post some prime Instagram photos. Magic hour in the evening (you know, that time of day right before the sun sets) gives the absolute best natural lighting for selfies and group photos, while the bright morning sun is also pretty perfect for something optimistic and happy. There are gorgeous sunsets most nights, you get to post about your summer vacation, and you can probably post beach or pool photos as well. Everything is bright and cheerful and sunny and warm, and it just makes for some great photo inspiration. Once you've got the picture down, though, you need to find the right summer song lyrics to use as an Instagram caption — because it wouldn't be a good Instagram post if you don't have that.

There is so much more you can use as a caption instead of just describing what's going on in the photo. For example: there are lots of songs about summer out there that include some of the most on-point lyrics that will describe exactly how you feel about this season. The song doesn't even have to be just about summer to deliver lyrics that are the perfect accompaniment to your photo (although it certainly helps if it is).

Using song lyrics as Instagram captions can be an easy and fun way to describe your feelings — plus, it's interesting to see which of your followers will recognize the song. Below are a few summer song lyrics that make great Instagram captions: