18 Things Every Introvert Needs In Their Life

If you'd rather be wrapped up in a big blanket and catching up on your to-read pile, or maybe reorganizing the kitchen pantry and alphabetizing your canned goods before the delivery guy arrives with the enormous sushi dinner you intend to finish by yourself, you might be an introvert. Sound like you? For those of us who prefer the company of... no one... there are 18 things every introvert needs.

We're a special breed, introverts — and people still don't truly understand us. People mistakenly assume we're shy, although we're often not. They assume we're lonely and dislike people. While everyone is different, there's something important you need to understand about us — we just feel our best when we're with our favorite person in the world: ourselves. While social butterflies feel energized and entertained by spending time around others, it sucks the life out of introverts. We do much better quietly strolling the aisles of the library, or screaming at the TV while watching Married At First Sight because why couldn't Jamie just give Doug a chance?

Introverts sometimes try to force themselves out of their shells, even though they really, really enjoy shells. Be proud of your introvertness! Celebrate your you-ness! Show it off in front of all the people you don't hang out with! Check out this shopping list. You might fall in love.

1This Mug That Is Basically You

People Not A Big Fan Introvert Shy Loner Coffee Mug


This Etsy mug from MerchZoo says what all introverts are thinking: people are overrated. Nothing beats a night at home with your cat, your coffee, and reruns of Sex and the City.

2This Unwelcome Mat

"Beat It" Outdoor Mat


What kind of introvert are you if you don't tell your happy visitors to go the heck away as soon as they get to your door? You can find this not-very-welcome mat from ShopJosieB on Etsy.

3This Bathtub Caddy That Makes It So You Never Have To Leave The Bathroom

Royal Craft Wood Luxury Bathtub Caddy Tray


I'm not trying to get you too excited, but it has a spot for your wine glass. Park your rump in the tub and stay there for as long as you damn well please. This caddy makes it possible. Dreams really do come true.

4This Poster Depicting You, The Introvert, As A Snail

Knock Knock Joke Introvert Poster


Don't waste a knock knock joke on an introvert, because they're not going to answer. Seller GeekyGamerGirls on Etsy totally knows what's up, with this spot-on introvert poster.

5This Laptop Cover That Just Wants Its Personal Space

IF YOU CAN READ THIS Laptop & iPad Skin


Introverts have what we call a "bubble," and the only person allowed in our bubble is, well, us. If you find yourself in our bubble, please remove yourself immediately, if not sooner.

6This Body Pillow That's Better Than Any Human

Moonlight Slumber Comfort-U Total Body Support Pillow (Full Size)


Cuddling with people is nice and all, but have you ever tried it with a giant pillow? There's no comparison, really.

7This Embroidered Decor

Introvert Party


You rapped this, didn't you? Me too! This embroidered decor from thesmallwoods on Etsy looks like it belongs in your grandmother's house... until you read what it says. Brilliant — and factually accurate, I might add.

8This Tote Bag That's Perfect For All The Social Outings You Don't Have



Some people thrive off of being surrounded by people. Introverts thrive off of solitude and maybe talking to people every so often, like the Amazon delivery guy.

9This Portable Grill, Perfect For A Party Of One

Cuisinart CGG-180T Petit Gourmet Portable Tabletop Gas Grill, Red


This tiny gas grill goes where you go and is perfect for those days where you want to host a big BBQ with friends — minus the "big" and "friends" parts. Juicy burger for one? Coming right up.

10This Journal To Write Down Your Many Thoughts

Jittery Scribblings Of An Overly Caffeinated Introvert


Uh, YEAH we have a lot of thoughts, because we don't talk to anyone. So everything stays bottled up in our brains. Instead, grab this journal from franticmeerkat and let it rip.

11This Wall Decal Perfect For The Person Who Never Has Guests

I only care about coffee...- Wall Decal


For a second, I thought I created this wall decal from LittleBlueBoxDesigns on Etsy. Introverts, this is relatable as heck, yes?

12This Magical Coffee Maker That Knows Exactly What You Need

Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker


You know what's nice? Having a steaming cup of coffee ready for you when you wake up. You know what's *really* nice? When you don't need anyone to make it for you and instead, it makes itself. I call this a win for introverts.

13This Wall Clock That Only Speaks The Truth

Sorry I'm Late I Didn't Want To Come Wall Clock


The words you always think but will never speak! Little do people know that the reason you're late is because you spent an extra 45 minutes trying to come up with legitimate excuses not to come.

14This Phone Case That Represents The *Real* You

I Am What You Would Call Indoorsy Phone Case


Some people love camping and hiking. Introverts do too! We love camping in the living room alone with Netflix, and hiking to the kitchen for another glass of rosé.

15These Notebooks That Basically Read Your Mind

3 Introvert Notebooks - People To Avoid


Just a subtle message to let everyone around you know how you feel, right?

16The Introvert Activity Book

The Introvert Activity Book: Draw It, Make It, Write It (Because You'd Never Say It Out Loud) (Introvert Doodles)


If you like naps better than nights out at the bar, you *have* to have this book, which will speak to your introvert soul unlike it's ever been spoken to before.

17This Pillow That Would Be You, If You Were A Cat

whistleburg - Introvert Cat Throw Pillow


You probably even own a sweater that looks like that, don't you? Be proud. Introverts are special. Jazz up your home with this perfect throw pillow.

18This Candle That Just Gets It

A Candle For Introverts

Whiskey River Soap Co.

You're home. You're alone. No one to entertain. No one to impress. Go ahead — light that candle that doesn't even smell like anything.