18 Things Every Introvert Needs In Their Life

If you'd rather be wrapped up in a big blanket and catching up on your to-read pile, or maybe reorganizing the kitchen pantry and alphabetizing your canned goods before the delivery guy arrives with the enormous sushi dinner you intend to finish by yourself, you might be an introvert. Sound like you? For those of us who prefer the company of... no one... there are 18 things every introvert needs.

We're a special breed, introverts — and people still don't truly understand us. People mistakenly assume we're shy, although we're often not. They assume we're lonely and dislike people. While everyone is different, there's something important you need to understand about us — we just feel our best when we're with our favorite person in the world: ourselves. While social butterflies feel energized and entertained by spending time around others, it sucks the life out of introverts. We do much better quietly strolling the aisles of the library, or screaming at the TV while watching Married At First Sight because why couldn't Jamie just give Doug a chance?

Introverts sometimes try to force themselves out of their shells, even though they really, really enjoy shells. Be proud of your introvertness! Celebrate your you-ness! Show it off in front of all the people you don't hang out with! Check out this shopping list. You might fall in love.