12 Weird Thoughts Introverts Have

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Just because introverts are energized by alone time doesn't mean they're socially-inept hermits who hate everyone. In fact, introverts often enjoy meaningful conversations with close friends and strangers alike — they just hate small talk. Introverts love going on adventures — they just don't necessarily need someone else to go with them. Introverts can be excellent leaders, great listeners, and devoted friends as well. That said, anyone who is even the slightest bit introverted knows that, when it comes to socializing with new people, there are some weird thoughts only introverts have.

Technically, I'm not a total introvert. Like two thirds of the population, I'm actually ambiverted, (someone whose personality features a mixture of both introverted and extroverted qualities), but that doesn't keep me from thinking like an introvert when I'm thrust into certain social settings. Hell, I even have some pretty weird introverted thoughts when I'm alone.

The first thing I think when I'm invited to a house party full of strangers is, "I hope the host has a dog or cat I can play with." When I'm trying to decide who I want to spend my free time with, I usually ask myself, "who can I hang out with who won't expect me to talk a lot?"

Everyone's different of course, but if you're introverted at all, then you already know there's some weird thoughts only introverts have.

1. “I Really Hope No One Invites Me To Go Out Tonight"

Whether you're an introvert or not, sometimes you just need to nest. I think it's safe to say that this thought occurs far more often to introverts, though.

Since I work almost exclusively from home now, and live in a town where it only takes about ten minutes to get literally anywhere, I like to see my friends daily. That said, I feel like I'll never stop needing nights to myself. As long as I don't do it every single night, I find that chilling out solo in my own home is really energizing — and I think most introverts can relate.

2. "Maybe If I Hurry I Can Make It From The Bathroom To My Bedroom Before My Roommates See Me”

I'm sure not all introverts feel the need to literally hide from their roommates, but when I had roommates, I felt this way a lot. In my experience, part of being an introvert (or an ambivert) is opting to hide from perfectly nice people just to avoid the horror that is small talk.

3. “I Hope Someone At This Party Has A Pet I Can Play With”

Like I said, introverts don't hate people. We do, however, feel more comfortable around animals than strangers most of the time. Animals don't judge you for not going to a private university, they never talk about politics, and they obviously won't expect you to take shots with them. You don't need ice-breakers with animals, either.

4. "Who's Calling Me Right Now? Everyone Who Knows Me Knows I Hate Talking On The Phone."

Introverts don't usually like talking on the phone, so receiving a call from an unknown number is pretty much terrifying for us. Unless I'm expecting a call from someone who isn't on my contacts list, I won't answer it — because that's what voicemail is for.

You can tell an introvert really loves you if they're willing to talk to you on the phone. There are only a couple of people that I'll spend more than five minutes on the phone with — and that's only because we live in different states.

5. “I Need To Be Around People Right Now, But I Don’t Actually Want To Talk To Anyone"

This thought is why introverts are typically highly selective about who they'll cultivate relationships with. The truth is, it's not always easy to date and/or be friends with an introvert, especially if you're the extroverted one in the relationship.

Some days, introverts want to do their own thing — like read a book or watch TV — but we want to feel the presence of another human being while we do it. It's a peculiar kind of loneliness that I don't think extroverts can relate to. Fortunately, I know just who to call when I feel like this.

6. “I Wish My Neighbors Weren’t So Friendly”

It's not that introverts want their neighbors to be rude. I mean, everyone wants their neighbors to be nice. If you're even remotely introverted, though, then you already know few things are more anxiety-inducing than having the kind of neighbors who say "Hi!" every time they see you — or, worse, drop in on you unannounced.

7. “I'll Only Go If I Can Leave Whenever I Want To”

Introverts always like to have a party-escape-plan. In fact, this is the main reason why I like to drive my own car to parties. Especially when they're parties I didn't really want to go to in the first place.

8. "I'd Rather Be Hanging Out With My Cat Right Now"

I don't know for certain that all introverts have cats to think about, but I've met my fair share of introverts who would rather hang out with their pets than people most of the time. I totally get it, too. Not only are pets literally good for your health, animals are generally so much nicer and quieter than humans. Personally, I like hanging out with my cat more than most people.

9. "At Least The Party Is Less Scary Because It's Close To My Apartment"

For me, when going out means something other than going to a friend's house or drinking at my favorite bar, it's always less stressful when I know home isn't far away. For introverts, it's just way easier to step outside of your comfort zone when you don't have to venture too far away from the comfort of your own home to do so.

10. "This Is Supposed To Be More Fun Than Reading?"

I'm sure extroverts like books, too. That said, I feel like only introverts know what it's like to start thinking about the book they left at home when they're in the middle of a house party, a noisy bar, or some other young, hip event that twenty-somethings are "supposed" to enjoy.

11. "Please Don't Start Talking To Me Just Because We're Sitting Next To Each Other"

I pretty much have this thought anytime I'm in a restaurant, on a plane, at the movie theater, or literally anywhere else where people can sit next to me. It's not because I don't enjoy meeting new people, either. Actually, most introverts love hearing about random people's stories, fears, and dreams. We just really hate being trapped into small talk, and aren't comfortable having deep conversations with complete strangers.

12. “I Could Be Netflixing Right Now — Without Pants On”

OK, so I don't think introverts are the only people who have this thought, but we probably think it the most.

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