15 Essential Accessories Every Reader Needs In The Summer

Riverhead Books

The first day of summer isn't technically until June 21, but now that Memorial Day weekend has come and gone, the season has unofficially begun begun — at least, for readers. If you're anything like me, you probably already have your TBR list locked and loaded, but what you might not have are these summer reading accessories every bookworm needs. Whether you're heading to the beach, lounging by the pool, hitting the trails, or just trying to catch a tan in your own back yard, these seasonal essentials will make it so much easier to do with a book.

Nothing says summer like reading outside and on the go, but just because it is a favorite hobby of bookworms doesn't mean it's an easy one. From battling sun glare to stressing over water damage to worrying about fitting all of your books in one bag, there are plenty of challenges. Luckily, there are also plenty of accessories that can make it easier.

Do you want to have the best summer reading experience of your bookworm life? Then you're going to want to get yourself these 15 essential accessories that are perfect for the beach, by the pool, around the campfire, on a plane, or anywhere else your summer adventures take you this year.

A Tote Bag To Hold Your Beach Reads In

Make lugging your books to the beach easier with this Riverhead Books tote, a.k.a the literary tote that was virtually impossible to get until recently.

Tote, $20, Riverhead Books

An LED Book Light For Reading Around The Campfire

Reading by a campfire may be relaxing, but it's also... not great for your eyes. That's why every bookworm needs a LED book light, so they can enjoy a good story no matter where they are or what time it is.

Mighty Bright LED Book Light, $24, Amazon

A Book Page Holder For Easy Beach Reading In Every Position

If you've ever struggled against gravity while tanning and reading a physical book whose pages just keep flapping in your face, this little accessory may just be your summer reading BFF.

Thumb Thing Book Page Holder, $5, Amazon

A Bookish Towel For The Beach Or The Pool

Lay out by the pool or on the beach in bookish style with this fluffy towel big enough to fit you and your summer reading list

Beach Towel, $39, Society6

A Tablet Stand For E-Book Beach Reading

Perfect for uneven surfaces like the beach, this handy tablet stand makes hands-free, sand-free e-book reading easier than ever.

Tablift Tablet Stand, $40, Amazon

A Backpack For Your Bookish Carry-Ons

Whether you're taking off for a European vacation or roadtripping to the beach, you can fit all of your essentials in this one beautiful and bookish backpack.

Jane Austen Characters Backpack, $70, Society6

An Embroidered Sun Hat To Keep Pesky People Away

Get a hat that will not only keep the sun out of your eyes, but one that will keep pesky people out of your peaceful reading zone.

Embroidered Sun Hat, $13, Amazon

A Travel Cold Cup So You Can Take Your Iced Coffee Anywhere & Everywhere

It's impossible to manage mischief over the summer without caffeine, but this to-go cold cup makes it easier than ever.

Harry Potter Plastic Cold Cup, $11, Amazon

Stylish Sunglasses So You Can Read Outside

Summer is the official season of outdoor reading, which means that wherever you decide to bring your novel next, you're going to want to bring some sunglasses, too.

Fairfax Round Sunglasses, $16, Urban Outfitters

Waterproof Headphones For Poolside Audiobook Listening

With waterproof headphones, you no longer have to choose between your pink convertible pool float and your audiobook, because you can take them both to the water.

Waterproof Headphones, $24, Amazon

A Dragon Float To Channel Your Inner Targaryen

You might not be able to watch Game of Thrones this summer, but you can feel like your favorite character on top of the dragon pool float. Pair with waterproof headphones and your favorite George R.R. Martin audiobook, and you have the perfect summer afternoon.

Dragon Party Tube, $20, Amazon

A Travel Journal To Record Your Adventures In

No matter where you go or what you do this summer, keep track of your adventures in a travel journal. Your older self will thank you for writing everything down.

Travel Journal, $15, Target

A Personalized Passport Holder That Looks Like A Book

Keep your passport protected from bending and ripping with a customized holder that looks like a classic penguin book.

Custom Passport Holder, $20, Etsy

A Sleeve To Protect Your Book During Travel

Whether you're book is the bottom of your beach bag or the top of your carry-on, it will be protected from the bumps and bruises of travel inside a cute protective sleeve.

Watermelon Book Sleeve, $10, Etsy

An Umbrella To Protect You And Your Books From Summer Storms

If you've ever been caught outside in a rainstorm, book in hand, you know how helpful an umbrella can be. Stash this one in your tote alongside your sunglasses and book sleeve, and you have the perfect summer reading kit.

Travel Umbrella, $26, Amazon