19 Clever People's Climate March Sign Ideas

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If you've missed the Women's March, Tax March, and March for Science, there's another opportunity to get involved in a protest coming up. What's more, it's just a few days from now, so it's time to get our clever People's Climate March sign ideas ready. The People's Climate March will be occurring on Saturday, April 29; in response to the Trump administration's lack of effort to combat climate change, people are gathering in Washington, D.C. and throughout the country in order to protect our planet and make our voices heard. Because, as a reminder, this is the only planet we've got. Once it's gone, so are we. Literally.

The event actually isn't just Trump-specific; it's been happening since 2014, when people marched in New York City right before the UN Climate Summit to call on leaders around the world to combat climate change, and it's taken place every year since. This year, though, the Trump administration's stance on climate change, the environment, and science in general is giving the march special meaning. The march's organizers are calling for a reduction in pollution, investment in renewable energy, and economic justice; additionally, they're also asking the Trump administration to "improve the lives of communities of color, indigenous peoples, low-income people, small farmers, women, and workers" by investing in green technology.

You can find a People's Climate March near you by going to, selecting "Sister Marches," and typing in your zip code. And then, all that's left to do is create a clever sign to take with you to the protest. Thankfully, social media has provided us with no shortage of inspiration. Here are some things you can put on People's Climate March signs, crowdsourced from the Internet.

This One Says It All
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A Helpful Analogy For The Deniers
A Very Valid Point
A Plea For The (Not-So) Polar Bears
Very True, At Least For The Foreseeable Future
Carsten Koall/Getty Images News/Getty Images
A Friendly Reminder That This Is Not Debatable
Well, When You Put It That Way...
Flood The Streets With These Words
A Call To Look At The Facts
To Help You Keep Your Cool
From The Mouths Of... Penguins?
Appeal To People's Self-Interest
Take Inspiration From The March For Science
Spell Out Where Ignoring The Planet Really Gets Us
A Powerful Reminder That We Depend On The Earth
This Is What Global Warming Looks Like
This Should Not Be A Political Issue
It's All Interconnected
Have Fun With It — While Showing It's Serious