19 Dirty Movies On Netflix You Should Never Watch With Your Parents

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Most kids go to great lengths to avoid watching certain movies with their parents. Basically, if a film looked like it would have a lot of sex in it, then you probably would come up with some excuse to avoid seeing it because there's nothing more awkward than watching a sex scene with your mom and dad. Now that we're adults, the prospect of doing so is actually even more frightening than when we were younger. So as a public service to all of you who feel this way, here's a list of Netflix movies you shouldn't watch with your parents.

Most of these movies are totally fine to watch on your own, with friends, or with your significant other, but there's just something about the idea of watching these with parents that'll make your stomach turn. And while some of these films are quite obviously softcore porn that can be easily avoided (looking at you, Nymphomaniac), others are much sneakier with how they work in their scandalous subject matter. Both types of movies are included on this list, so take note of the 19 films below and you'll know what to avoid the next time your parents want to watch a little Netflix with you.

1. ‘The Human Centipede, Sequence 1-3’

Shudder on YouTube

Some of the most disgusting movies ever made, your parents might not even talk to you ever again if you make them watch these.

2. ‘Black Snake Moan’

Movieclips Trailer Vault on YouTube

An abused nymphomaniac is chained up by a man who hopes to cure her. Not exactly dinner fodder.

3. ‘Nymphomaniac, Vols. 1 & 2’

Movieclips Coming Soon on YouTube

Come on, this one needs no explanation.

4. ‘Blue Is The Warmest Color’

Movieclips Trailers on YouTube

A highly praised, award-winning film... that's full of sex scenes.

5. ‘The Overnight’

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Adam Scott? Jason Schwartzman? Seems harmless enough, until you get to the swinger party/full frontal male nude scene.

6. ‘Mulholland Drive’

StudiocanalUK on YouTube

It's a David Lynch movie, so that means two things: uncomfortable weirdness and kinky sex.

7. ‘It Follows’

moviemaniacsDE on YouTube

This horror movie is viewed as a metaphor for STDs. No thanks.

8. ‘Below Her Mouth’

FilmBuff Movies on YouTube

This is borderline porn, no joke. I mean, just look at the title.

9 . ‘Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil’

Movieclips Trailers on YouTube

This is a parody of those ultra-violent and sex-filled camp slasher movies, which means it's still ultra-violent and sex-filled.

10. ‘For A Good Time, Call...’

Movieclips Coming Soon on YouTube

Two friends start a phone sex line. That's the plot.

11. ‘Basic Instinct’

LionsgateVOD on YouTube

Unless you want to experience seeing Sharon Stone's vulva alongside your folks, you can skip this erotic thriller.

12. ‘Zombeavers’

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The title of this horror comedy is a pun that doesn't really needs explaining.

13. ‘Lovelace’

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This is a biopic about the porn star who popularized a certain esophageal sex move. You do the math.

14. ‘Hellraiser’

Forever Cinematic Trailers on YouTube

A woman has an affair with a corpse, so, yeah.

15. ‘Tiny Furniture’

SXSW on YouTube

Just ask yourself this: would you watch Girls with your parents? Probably not.

16. ‘Adult World’

Movieclips Trailers on YouTube

An aimless Millennial gets a job at an adult bookstore after her parents cut off her financial support. This film has the potential to open up several cans of worms with your family.

17. ‘Magic Mike’

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Maybe you could watch this with your mom is she's a "cool mom." Maybe. But your dad? Forget it.

18. ‘Canyons’

IFC Films on YouTube

What was supposed to be Lindsay Lohan's big comeback movie ended up being a sex romp co-starring a male porn star. Pass.

19. 'Sausage Party'

Movieclips Trailers on YouTube

Oh look, a cartoon! Surely this is family entertainment! Wrong — this movie has more sex jokes than any other film on this list.

Any one of these films would be a nightmare to watch with your parents, so unless the thought of being extremely uncomfortable for two hours excites you, avoid all of them if your folks are around.