9 Hot Movie Sex Scenes On Netflix Right Now

Wild Bunch

Netflix is basically a treasure trove for anyone who wants to watch whatever movie they want, whenever they want, without judgement. No more awkwardly handing the guy at Blockbuster your VCR tape of choice and then avoiding eye contact while you pay. With Netflix, you can enjoy any guilty pleasure you desire, without the added guilt of having to share it with someone else. Which is why I would like to make a pact with you right now: no judgement shall befall any of you who choose to embark into the online world of film streaming for the nine hottest movie sex scenes on Netflix right now.

Really hot sex scenes can be hard to come by. Movies that are actually about sex tend to be kind of depressing — I'm looking at you, Nymphomaniac — or clinical. And in your average movie, sex scenes tend to be condensed, short, or sanitized to appeal to more audiences. But, there are some truly delicious ones out there. So, if you're looking for a hot movie sex scene for whatever reason (I would prefer to be kept in the dark on that one), it can be a long search, and that's where this list comes in. Without sounding too much like the guys from Knocked Up and their Flesh of the Stars website, here are the nine hottest movie scenes on Netflix right now.


'Blue Is The Warmest Color' — The First Time

When Emma and Adèle have sex for the first time, it's romantic, tender, and, yeah, pretty damn hot.


'Atonement' — The Library Scene

This is probably the least explicit sex scene on the list, but the chemistry between Robbie and Cecilia in this library scene is off the charts, it transcends any amount of nudity.


'Y Tu Mama Tambien' — The Threesome

Y Tu Mamá También stars Diego Luna and Gael García Bernal are never not sexy, so put them in a sex scene together and you've got yourself a hell of a ride.


'Weekend' — The Last Night

At the end of their whirlwind weekend, Russell and Glen spend one last night together, and it's definitely one to remember.


'Palm Trees In The Snow' — Killian And Bisila

By the time Killian and Bisila finally give in to their attraction and have sex, the anticipation has built it up so much, you just want them to rip their clothes off and do it already.


'Mulholland Drive' — Betty And Rita Share A Bed

Betty and Rita's relationship is at the heart of Mulholland Drive, and that's not just because they share the hottest scene in the movie (though it doesn't hurt).


'I Am Love' — Emma Goes Home With Antonio

Emma experiences a sort of sexual reawakening with her son's friend, Antoni in I Am Love, and their sex scene in his apartment is by far the hottest.


'The Canyons' — The Orgy Scene

The Canyons co-stars real porn star James Deen, so...


'Sex And Lucía' — The First Tryst

The beginning of Lucía's affair with author Lorenzo is definitely the high point in their relationship in the bedroom.

Bonus: the bed-breaking sex in Jessica Jones. It's not a movie, but, hey, a good sex scene is a good sex scene whether it's in a movie or not.