19 Items You Need For An Unforgettable End Of Summer

by Sarah Fielding
Ashley Batz/Bustle

While the phrase "all good things must come to an end" may sound like a romantic notion, the truth is that, frankly, it sucks. Summer, a haven filled with long days and warm sunshine, is coming to an end soon — and if you're feeling bummed about it, you're not alone. But, there's still time to live it up. Toast to these final bittersweet days of warm weather with an end-of-summer party that is nothing short of epic. All you need is a good attitude — and the right materials.

No matter where you live, an end-of-summer party is a necessary ritual. It serves as one last chance to blow off steam, and bask in the nice weather before Starbucks breaks out the Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Plus, this time of year brings about coveted sales on summer items you've had your eye on all season long. So, grab your favorite swimsuit that didn't get enough love this summer, stock up on some adorable pool floats for decoration, and get your party straws ready, because you're about to give summer the send-off it deserves.

Whether you have your party at a beach, the pool, or just your friend's backyard, there is a product here just waiting for you. Read on for everything you need for your end-of-summer party.


Pink Party Visor


Update your look while protecting yourself from the sun with this fun accessory.

Pink Party Visor, $10, Bando


Color Me Casual Sandal

Whether you're heading to the pool or hitting up the beach, slide-on sandals are a must for a quick transition. Plus, the rainbow accents ensure these will match any outfit.

Color Me Casual Sandal, $35, Modcloth


Just Chill Out Cooler Bag


Get used to this phrase — it's probably something you're going to be saying over and over as the colder weather leaves you dreaming of summer.

Just Chill Out Cooler Bag, $32, Bando


Jardin de Paris Memoir Notebook

This notebook is so pretty that even if you're stuck inside for the rest of summer, you will have something to brighten your days.

Jardin de Paris Memoir Notebook, $15, Rifle Paper Co


Peels In Comparison Pool Float

This may be the happiest round pool float ever to exist. Just think of the Instagram opportunities.

Peels In Comparison Pool Float, $28, Modcloth


Pink Party Straw


While you can totally wear these in your hair, sticking one of these party straws into a nice, cold drink will be my method of use.

Pink Party Straw, $10, Bando


Disco Ball Tumbler


Coming in a set of four, these tumblers are the perfect way to get your end-of-summer party started.

Disco Ball Tumbler, $35, Bando


Worth Its Weight In Bold Sunglasses

Go out with a bang this summer with a fun pair of glasses you can honestly rock all year long.

Worth It's Weight In Bold Sunglasses, $30, Modcloth


Beach, Please! Jumbo Heart Innertube


Show yourself some love with this super cute pool float. Or, embrace summer love and snuggle up on it with your significant other.

Beach, Please! Jumbo Heart Innertube, $24, Bando


Pool Party Giant Beach Towel

If you have to carry a towel around, it might as well be one that's super fun like this. Maybe it will inspire you to have your own pool party.

Pool Party Giant Beach Towel, $38, Bando


Plays Well With Colors Pool Float

I love everything about this float. It's big so you won't fall off, and it makes me happy just to look at.

Plays Well With Colors Pool Float, $50, Modcloth


Floating LED Orb Set

Absolutely perfect for a night time swim, these orbs can float around or be used for a myriad of games.

Floating LED Orb Set, $18, Urban Outfitters


Joie De Vivre Notebooks

This set of two gives you the perfect canvas for any mood. Even looking at the covers relaxes me.

Joie De Vivre Notebooks, $14, Rifle Paper Co.


All Around Giant Beach Towel


I absolutely love circular towels. There's something so cute and fun about them, plus the stripes on this one are super cute.

All Around Giant Beach Towel, $51, Bando


Ice Cream Cone Pool Float

This is exactly what every summer needs. I literally can't think of anything better than ice cream this time of year.

Ice Cream Cone Pool Float, $32, Urban Outfitters


Evelina Journal

Escape to a far away land just from the pages of this enchanting journal.

Evelina Journal, $15, Rifle Paper Co.


Coastal Character One-Piece Swimsuit

This bathing suit is a simple reminder of all the things you love about summer.

Coastal Character One-Piece Swimsuit, $22, Modcloth


Shell Sipper Cup

Nothing will make you feel more like Ariel than drinking from a seashell.

Shell Sipper Cup, $11, Urban Outfitters


Shanghai Garden Journal

Wish you were spending the rest of summer traveling around the world? Allow this journal to transport you to far-away places.

Shanghai Garden Journal, $15, Rifle Paper Co

OK, now go shop and then run outside to make the most of these last few wonderful days of summer.