19 Female Entrepreneurs Share The Personal Pep Talk That Gets Them Through Anything

Hannah Burton/Bustle

Whenever I’ve had one of those days at work when I felt like everything was crashing down or when I can’t give my all in a workout class that I usually kick ass in — I start to feel less like myself, and a bit jaded. It’s these moments — and countless others I experience as a 20-something — that have inspired me to create a method of dealing, refocusing and remembering all of the things I have to be thankful. And you know, that I’m awesome.

As about type-A as a woman can get, I try to pack away my thoughts, and instead, focus on what tangible things I can at this moment to make myself feel better. Is it staying for an extra hour at work and getting through emails so I won’t worry about them? Is it taking a yoga class to let my body relax instead of pushing it? Is it reminding myself that one bad Tinder date doesn’t mean that I’m going to be single forever and ever, amen?

One great source of personal mantras and super-inspiring mantras are female entrepreneurs. As they’ve grown their babies — ahem, their businesses —through many periods of ups and downs, they’ve found tools and tactics for dealing in stressful moments. Here are 19 personal pep talks from highly successful women:

1. I Remind Myself That I’m In Control


2. I Remember That Not Asking Is The Same As "No"

3. I Live So Satan Is Scared Of Me

4. I Tell Myself That I’m A Warrior

5. I Define My Own Success


6. I Ask "How Do We Make It Happen?"

7. I Pray


8. I Just Breathe and Let It Out

9. I Focus On My Actions


10. I Make Failure Part Of The Process

11. I Meditate When I Wake Up


12. I Listen To Music

13. I Remember That Right After a Big Challenge, A Big Change Comes


14. I Remind Myself That No One Knows Me Better Than Myself

15. I Change My Thought Patterns


16. I Look For The Silver Lining

17. I Take It Step By Step


18. I Visualize How I Want The Outcome To Be

19. I Set My Intention Every Morning


Inspired? Feel free to steal one of their powerful secrets and pep yourself up.