19 Items From Forever 21 That Every Book-Lover Will Want To Add To Their Shopping Cart

Forever 21

If you're anything like me, you love a good meander through Forever 21's website every once in a while. They've got pretty much everything you could ever need, from clothes to home accessories, and it's all at a price that's just right for a couple between-paychecks-impulse-buys — and who doesn't love to add a few of those to their cart every now and again? But what you might not realize is that Forever 21 actually has a ton of great items for readers that they'll be sure to fall for — think cozy loungewear, interesting decor items and, of course, lots of mugs and pillows and face masks and other lit-lover must-haves. And the best part is that none of them will break the bank, so you can feel free to change it up as often as you want.

The 19 picks below range from comfy clothes to wear to affordable homewares that will make your reading nook cozier and more functional than ever. Whether you've been looking to update your space to a more summery vibe, have been desperate to find a replacement for those threadbare pajamas, or you just want a some new sticky tabs to mark your favorite pages, Forever 21 has totally got you covered. Just try to get through this list without adding at least one thing to your cart.

A Rose Gold Mini Speaker So You Can Jam Out While You Read

Forever 21

BPM Bluetooth Mini Portablte Speaker, $14.95, Forever 21

If you're the sort of person who needs a little background noise while reading, this pretty portable speaker was made for you. Small enough to carry with you to any room, and chic enough to blend in with even the nicest decor.

A Watermelon Beach Towel So You Can Lounge In Style This Summer

Forever 21

Watermelon Bath Towel, $22.90, Forever 21

Summer is on its way — which means beach (and park) reading season. This watermelon bath towel is perfect for long days reading in the sun.

This Pajama Top That's Perfect For A Sunday Full Of Reading

Forever 21

Living The Dream Graphic PJ Top, $14.90, Forever 21

If a lazy Sunday at home in your reading chair sounds like a dream come true, then this sweatshirt is what you need to be wearing while you do it. Pastel blue and white brings loungewear into the spring, but long sleeves keep you warm during those chilly transition evenings.

A Pair Of Adorable Socks To Keep You Super Cozy All Year Round

Forever 21

Polka Dot Crew Socks, $2.90, Forever 21

Socks are pretty much a prerequisite for reading at home, so why not make them as adorable as possible? These polka dot numbers will go with any pair of pajamas or loungewear you've got, and at less than $3 you can buy as many as you want.

Hexagon Shelves To Display Your Most Special Bookish Items

Forever 21

Wooden Hexagon Shelves, $12.90, Forever 21

These incredible cool hexagonal shelves are perfect for storing your most prized bookish knickknacks from special edition books to Funko Pop dolls and even smaller framed literary prints.

A Punny Candle Perfect For Lit-Lovers Everywhere

Forever 21

Illume Scented Candle, $9.90, Forever 21

You probably can't resist lighting a nice scented candle during a cozy reading night in, whatever the season, and this pun-tastic candle is the perfect edition to any lit-lover's space. Plus once the candle is done you can keep the glass to store magnetic bookmarks, or other office supplies.

A Mermaid Print Blanket That Will Update Your Throw To Summer Status

Forever 21

Mermaid Scale Print Blanket, $14.90, Forever 21

Update your cozy throw to summer status with this turquoise mermaid print blanket. It's super soft and warm for the nighttime, and gorgeous to throw over a reading chair during the day.

A Fruity Face Mask To Pamper While You Get Lost In A Book

Forever 21

The SAEM Natural Gold Kiwi Mask Sheet, $1.90, Forever 21

Nothing is more luxurious than a good sheet mask while you sit back and relax with your current read. There are tons on offer at Forever 21 including this Gold Kiwi mask which sounds perfect for warmer days ahead.

A Loungewear Set That's Ideal For Warmer Days Ahead

Forever 21

Cloud 09 Pajama Set, $14.90, Forever 21

Tuck those heavy winter pajamas in the back of your closet and grab these sunny shorts instead. A cute cloud theme calls to mind bright blue skies on sunny spring days and will put you in only the best mood while you get stuck into a good read.

A Chic Mug That Looks Way More Expensive Than It Actually Is

Forever 21

Goldtone-Rim Ceramic Mug, $5.90, Forever 21

People will be wondering where you got this mug every time you take it out of the cupboard... I'll leave it up to you whether to reveal the secret.

A Tote That Shows Everyone Just How Wordy You Really Are

Forever 21

Blah Blah Blah Graphic Tote Bag, $3.90, Forever 21

You need a new tote to carry all of your books and other essentials on your spring and summertime adventures, and this one is just chih and tongue-in-cheek enough to be a perfect edition to any reader's wardrobe.

An HP Baseball Jersey So You Can Rep The Only Team That Matters

Forever 21

Harry Potter-inspired Baseball Jersey, $15.99, Forever 21

You just can't make a list of bookish merch without including something from the wizarding world. This Harry Potter-inspired baseball jersey was made for summer-wear and it's comfortable enough to lounge at home in but cool enough to wear out, too.

A Pineapple Print Pillow To Bring The Summer Inside

Forever 21

Pineapple Print Pillow, $9.99, Forever 21

Pillows are a must for any reading space, but switching them out for the seasons will keep your nook feeling fresh. This pineapple print number is perfect for the warmer weather ahead... and it would go great with that mermaid throw, just saying.

Feline Sticky Notes So You Can Mark Your Favorite Quotes

Forever 21

OOLY Colored Cat Tab Set, $1.90, Forever 21

If you're a reader who can't bear to mark their pages, these feline sticky notes were made for you. Tab your favorite quotes and passages without the permanence of pen. Keep them in your purse for whenever inspiration strikes.

A Photo Mobile To Hang All Of Your Bookish Post Cards And Prints

Forever 21

Kikkerland Copper Photo Mobile, $12.90, Forever 21

Readers know that you can aquire a ton of bookish prints and postcards throughout the years, whether from Etsy impulse buys or freebies from author events, pre-order campaigns, and conferences. Finally put them all to good use in this chic copper mobile display that will look gorgeous hanging over your reading chair.

A Pack Of Highlighters Because You Forgot How Fun It Is To Color Your Books

Forever 21

Ooly Retractable Highlighter Set, $8.90, Forever 21

If you are the sort of reader who doesn't mind marking up their books, put the black pen away and get reaquainted with some highlighters. These skinny neon numbers are definitely not the ones you used to study in college, and they're fruit scented for some added fun nostalgia.

A Pair Of Luxe Headphones So You Can Listen To Audiobooks In Style


Rose-Tone On-Ear Headphones, $14.90, Forever 21

If you're a literary podcast or audiobook reader, treat yourself to a chic pair of headphones that will look great with whatever outfit you're rocking, from a pretty summer dress to your most casual loungewear.

Cat Slippers Because You Can Never Have Enough Comfy Footwear

Forever 21

Fleece Cat Face Slippers, $8, Forever 21

You can never have enough slippers, let's be honest. These pastel-colored cat slippers are cool, cozy, and bright enough to keep you in a spring state of mind, even if the night's are still a bit chilly.

Wall Art That Will Inspire You To Push Through That 800 Page Fantasy Novel

Forever 21

Good Things Take Time Wall Art, $5, Forever 21

Sometimes a good book just takes time, so inspire yourself to get through that gigantic fantasy novel or nonfiction tome with this pretty print. It will go great in any room and you'll feel a jolt of go-getter spirit every time you look at it.